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Harnessing Infamy and Fame

If you see only any one of my battlefronts, (My TV show, my website, my political campaign, or even my Uncle Ed. Show Family Band), you may think progress is so slow that I've retired. Sorry. I've just been getting ready. Not ready to retire: ready to attack.

Now before I explain my strategy, I have to reassure a few pessimist friends who insist it is unwise to publish your attack strategy where your enemy can read it. Yes, I remember the lesson poor Hezekiah learned after he showed off his treasury to the Babylonians. In this case, I just don't believe advance notice will benefit my enemies. I am placing my faith in Jesus to protect me as He has until now, leaving, for my enemies, for the only thing they can do about it, to watch.

I have spent a lot of time mastering Adobe Premiere 5.1, a video editing program; Overture, a music writing program; and a music recording program. My goal is music videos of our band (about 15 musicians) along with live performances. The direct purpose I suppose is just fun, but I believe, though I don't know yet exactly how, it will indirectly help draw Christians together locally.

For my national outreach, there is this website, and if the opportunity arises I want to make music videos of "The Dead Abortionists", featuring your favorite anti-infanticiders singing the lyrics of David Lane, dressed in blood-spattered babykiller garb, dancing and screaming over the images of burned out baby burial barns.

I want you to understand that I don't start out trying to think of what will get me the worst press. Bad press isn't something I sit around thinking of how to achieve. As a matter of fact, I think I've finally figured out how to stop it! When reporters ask for an interview, I say "sure! Come on over! My camera will be on, too, of course, so I can show the entire, unedited interview on my own show." So far that has pretty well cooled their interest. That even worked when a major network news team wanted to interview me, where their capacity to tar and feather me reaches coast to coast while my capacity to defend myself and show the context only reaches from West Des Moines to Pleasant Hill. When I told them I would have my own camera on, they cancelled the interview! Fine with me. If they are that much afraid of their victims having a chance to defend themselves, I have the more reason not to trust myself to them "unarmed".

So when I talk about a project like The Dead Abortionists, or when I published the first non-anonymous copy of the Army of God Manual, or when I signed Paul Hill's Defensive Action Statement, believe me, it's not that I choose to scandalize people. I would far rather people had the courage to acknowledge when a position is well reasoned, even if it reaches a conclusion whose acknowledgment might cost them something. But most people don't have that much courage. They scream at the unthinkability of the conclusion, and just "blow off" the logic and the Scripture.

But by God's Grace, this fact of human nature can be harnessed. Because the people who prefer comfort to truth are the same people who pay more attention to something they hate than something gentle and soothing. Pretty ironic. But when you tell the Rude Truth, people who love the Truth are drawn to you to learn, while people who hate the Truth are drawn to you to yell. Indeed, the attention of the latter does not equal the attention of the former. They do not listen for long, and they resist what they hear. But their attention is greater than to a more gentle, soothing, less direct presentation of the same truth. In fact, the more you jar a hater of truth with the Rude Truth, the less scandalized he will then be when confronted with a gentler approach!

In fact, the only real downside I can think of, from the Rude, Direct Truth, is being hated by those who hate truth. But when my child was resisting eating healthy foods, I loved my child enough to suffer, for his sake, a few complaints.

So infamy is not such a terrible thing. It draws people to you. But when people visit, I want their visit to count for something. As important as abortion is, there is something far more important, far more cruel. Hell. Lost souls are headed for hell. Their toleration of abortion is a primary reason. But it may be only an indirect reason.

The direct reason is that hearts are so hard they do not want to be near the love of God. Heaven is a place of love. How can people who tolerate the brutal dismemberment of sweet, cuddly, innocent little babies, even want to be in Heaven surrounded by all God's love?

The question is, what can anyone do about it? The answer for me is to use the perverted capacity of people, to be scandalized by Biblical discussion of effective abortion prevention, to proclaim the Gospel to them. I want plenty of Scriptural support for everything I publish. For those who don't believe Scripture, this will expose them to what they think they don't believe, which in many cases will convert them because God's Word is so believable. In addition I hope eventually to include samples of the scientific evidence confirming that portion of God's Word which is humanly testable.

But most of our readers think they already accept God's Word. For them, I want (1) clear proofs that abortion is serious enough to justify something sterner than an appeal to voluntarily quit killing; (2) proofs that (1) not only is true, but it is very important, for the safety of every American, that every Christian boldly proclaim them; and (3) proofs of the change in church structure which will bring revival to America; Biblical examination of the present church structure which has caused America to nearly die.

I don't sense that very many P&A readers have appreciated the urgency of a simple change in church structure which Scripture lays out. I don't sense that many of you see how this simple departure from Scripture has laid the foundation for nearly all America's churches to suppress information about America's popular sins and how to stop them. When only one man out of a hundred is allowed to address the assembly, it isn't bad intentions, or even cowardice, which most stops the flow of information. This is proved by the fact that a few churches have pastors who speak out against abortion, etc., a few times. And many of our prolife leaders are pastors.

The primary impediment to sin-stopping grassroots information, in church, when only one in a hundred is allowed to speak, is incompetence. One man simply cannot be expected to know all the information which all the church members need to have in order to "turn their world upside down".

I consider this information to be the heart of what is needed to bring long awaited revival. That is why revisions of this book have consumed nearly every spare hour for months. It is finally on the web site. (It still needs more proof reading, and a couple of chapters aren't finished, but I can put up what there is.)

After 12 years, (since April 6, 1989,) we are still publishing the Prayer & Action News, though dropped from weekly to only quarterly. Unfortunately it is like a church: where one man does virtually all the talking, with little danger of scrutiny. Not that it hasn't been fun. It has introduced me to the best friends I could ever have hoped to find. And even though it has few readers among friends, it has a fantastic circulation among enemies. Through the P&A I have reached enemies I never even dreamed of reaching.

We'll see if the website opens any doors. Perhaps it will draw new subscribers. Perhaps you will begin interacting with me and with each other, turning the P&A into the fellowship which I had originally conceived. (Which would mean going public, for some of you who aren't already, which would give our enemies a more complicated target.) Perhaps that will happen on the website. Perhaps we will all drop dead. I'm keeping my options open and trying to listen to the Father.

Meanwhile, watch for The Dead Abortionists -- coming to a killing field near you! Be a sponsor!