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"Heaven sounds like such a boring place, with all that mushy love all around you, and having to say 'thank you, God' for all eternity. I'd rather be in Hell, with all my friends."

At first, he meant it as a joke. But after much repetition, he simply meant it. He really didn't want to go to Heaven when he died. (Cont'd)

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Taken at the rally in Des Moines, Father's Day, 2000 AD., that followed the sodomite parade from the capitol to the river


"Mixing Politics And Religion The Way our Founding Fathers Did" Because Politics without Religion thinks immorality in office doesn't matter--and Religion without Politics says nothing about the sins troubling America

God's Plan for Revival by Dave Leach

Have you thought about what makes "politics" "controversial"? Politics is where society chooses between God's or Satan's opinion of what to criminalize, and what to protect. Have you thought about the difference between "liberal" and "conservative"? Their essential controversy is whether the Bible is to be fully trusted, and whether the Bible has any right to speak to society about its sins. The debate over what the Bible calls "sin" is nothing compared with the debate over God's jurisdiction over us! (Continued)

Read The Plan (What Christians & churches can do) (Also see part 2: Bylaws of The Partnership Machine, Inc.) The Plan! (What ONE MAN can do) Uncle Ed.'s SECRET PLAN for overhauling Christendom! (Secret Agents: you may NOT read this. Read the testimony of one who tried!)("The Plan!" is chapter 17 of "God's Cure for Loneliness" below. The Plan above is God's plan for a group.)


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