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"Should Political Fliers Be Outlawed?" Survey

There's a lot of talk about "Campaign Finance Reform", restricting contributions to candidates. But voters seem more concerned with some way to restrict what candidates do with their money once they get it.

Specifically, there seems to be serious interest in a law prohibiting candidates from (1) putting campaign information in doors, (2) mailing unsolicited campaign information, (3) knocking on doors to introduce themselves, and (4) buying TV ads.

In fact, some suggest that as long as you are drafting a law to prohibit candidates from buying TV ads, the legislature should go ahead and outlaw TV ads altogether.

As your candidate for State Representative, I look forward to participating in that debate, so I would like to better gauge public feeling on the matter. Hence this survey. Please check all that apply:

1. Political candidates should NOT be allowed to give information to voters

(a) in doors

(b) in the mail

(c) through automated phone messages

(d) in person, knocking on doors

(e) through TV ads

(f) all of the above

(g) None of the above. Candidates should be free to give away as much as they can afford.

2. Please check the choice that describes your political belief:

(a) Information about candidates is beneficial to voters because it enables voters to vote more intelligently,

(b) I already know who I will vote for without the benefit of any information.

(c) Candidates shouldn't even be allowed to run.

(d) Candidates should be allowed to run, but they shouldnít be allowed to campaign.

3. Do you want:

(a) a say in what kind of government rules over you?

(b) to let others choose, for you, how you will be ruled?

(c) to be left alone by the politicians before the elections?

(d) to select candidates, beforethe elections, whose government will leave you alone afterthe elections?

4. What is most important:

(a) Cable TV

(b) beer

(c) Freedom (from being bothered by candidates)

(d) Freedom (from being arrested by sadistic police of a lawless government)



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