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Script of a feature of the Uncle Ed. Show #269, which first aired May 23 & 27, 2000 AD

"...to whatever extent the Republican hierarchy indeed opposes me because I'm too conservative for them, half their opposition is not because they personally have anything against being that conservative, but they are nervous about my appealing to such a conservative segment of society, which will get me too few votes to be elected. They think I am stupid to limit my appeal to so few, and they want no part of the defeat they expect. They know the media vultures will have me for lunch, and they don't want to associate with me in any way that will allow vulture spit to splash on them.

"There is a little "moderate Republican" in all of us, and also a little "ultra conservative" in all of us. ...there are positions you take which you expect are too unpopular to succeed; so if someone else comes along asking your support for the same position you have, you tell him he is stupid to think he will get anywhere, and you leave him in the dust. So right there, you can relate to moderates, and you can relate to ultra conservatives, all in the same example."


By Dave Leach

I want to give you my perspective, as a very conservative Republican, of moderate Republicans who, my friends suspect, would rather see a Democrat win than a Bible quoter like me. I think my perspective will surprise you. I believe tension like this, between people very committed to causes, like me, and others who find such commitment a bit extreme and embarrassing, is not a problem patented by Republicans. It is a universal problem which every human being faces. Fortunately it is a problem documented by God, and to which God offers a solution.

So let's talk about me. My favorite subject. Just kidding. That's my LEAST favorite subject. I would rather talk about YOU. Well, let's compromise. I'll talk about US. We share a universal problem. No matter what political party you belong to, I'll bet you share my frustration with Politics, that strange world where you hear fine principles to your face, while bribes are passed behind your back. I want to talk about the particular problem that discourages Republicans like me, and then I want to show you how it is the same problem that faces every human being in their everyday life.

Here's my personal situation: I have heard discussion of how much support I, as a political candidate, have in my own party. Not much, is the general impression I hear. I want to offer you a perspective on that. But I don't want to just talk about myself. I want to talk about a human problem everyone experiences. And I want to suggest to you what you can do, when you face the same problem through the everyday course of your life.

I want to use my own situation as an example of common, everyday principles. So I will talk about the opposition which an "ultra" conservative Republican like me can expect from "moderate Republicans" who lead the party. But the principles I will talk about apply to you whether you are a Democrat, a Reformer, or a Communist. I will explain how we human beings are really not so different from one another as all these party labels imply. In fact, I will attempt to convince you that the problem we face in America is not the people who choose any of these labels. That is, America's problem is not Democrats, or Moderate Republicans, or any other group. These labels are only a symptom of the real problem. When we solve the problem, the symptoms will go away. And the problem is one that every human being shares. But we really can solve it, and we can really make a lot of progress if we solve it together, calling upon God.

Well, that's my subject. Now let me see if I can tackle it.

You all know what it's like to hear one rumor after another about who doesn't like you and who does. We all go through life trying to piece together who, of all those who are nice to our face, is our enemy behind our back.

So now that I am a Republican candidate for state representative, one group of people, whose support I have some concern for, is leaders of the Republican Party.

The consensus of my friends and advisors is that I don't have this support. In fact, this impression seems so strong that you may share it, which motivates me to give you a little perspective on the problem.

Actually I can't imagine what more the Iowa Republican party could do to limit favoritism, than it has done by creating its Point System. This system influences how much financial assistance the party gives candidates. A candidate gets points for how many doors he knocks on, how much money he raises, and several other things a candidate must do to have any prospect of winning. If a candidate works hard enough, the party will pay for a poll to gauge his support among voters, and that poll, along with the work he does, will determine how much help the party will give him.

Theoretically, this system prevents the problem where a few party leaders with certain favorite issues help candidates who agree with them, and undermine candidates who don't.

But my friends are skeptical. They suspect that because I quote the Bible in public, and take positions based on the Bible which terrify moderates, and because next to me, every Republican is a moderate, that no matter how hard I work, no matter how much money I raise, no matter how many doors I knock, no matter how many votes I get, the party will never help me, and will do whatever it can to defeat me; that they would rather have a Democrat win than me.

I've told you what my friends think. Now I want to tell you what I think. Support is a relative thing, of course. It varies unpredictably from one person to another, and even the same person may support you in one way and oppose you in another, or may shift from one time to another.

But I have a theory about "Moderate Republicans" in general. Yes, Moderate Republicans will viciously oppose Conservative Republicans over principles. For example, pro-abortion Republicans will undermine prolife Republicans. But I think only about half their opposition is because of their personal commitment to abortion. The other half of their opposition, according to my theory, is because of their personal commitment to winning.

Yes, according to my theory, at least half the Republican proabortion "moderates" aren't moderate by principle, but moderate because they think moderates win. And they would rather win, than work for something worth winning.

So to whatever extent the Republican hierarchy indeed opposes me because I'm too conservative for them, half their opposition is not because they personally have anything against being that conservative, but they are nervous about my appealing to such a conservative segment of society, which will get me too few votes to be elected. They think I am stupid to limit my appeal to so few, and they want no part of the defeat they expect. They know the media vultures will have me for lunch, and they don't want to associate with me in any way that will allow vulture spit to splash on them.

There is a little "moderate Republican" in all of us, and also a little "ultra conservative" in all of us. Whether you are a Democrat, or are in the Reform Party, or a Republican, or a Communist, or you think politics is boring and you spend all your waking hours watching football, there are positions you take which you expect are too unpopular to succeed; so if someone else comes along asking your support for the same position you have, you tell him he is stupid to think he will get anywhere, and you leave him in the dust. So right there, you can relate to moderates, and you can relate to ultra conservatives, all in the same example.

One solution people have tried is to blame moderates for not "taking a stand". For being so jelly-kneed that their vision is to be a sail pushed by the wind, rather than a rudder which guides the Ship of State contrary to the wind, as that is necessary. The Biblical example is Pilate, who really wanted to free Jesus, and he certainly "had the votes" to do it, but he just couldn't bear risking the threat to his reputation which the anger of the mob threatened.

But I want to focus your attention on the group of people which is far more important to my success than Moderate Republican leaders.

Focus with me, now, on Bible Believing Christians who don't vote. Or if they vote, they vote without regard to positions taken by the Bible. And they do little more than vote; that is, they do not get involved in campaigns before elections, where their influence is really felt out of all proportion to their small numbers.

As long as this describes typical Bible Believers, the Moderates among us will remain right. Conservatives will throw away their chances of winning elections by appealing to Bible Believers.

I perceive that Bible Believers are actually an overwhelming percentage of the American population. It might be less than 50%, if you use the strict definition of believing that every single word of the Bible is inspired by God, but I perceive that well over 50% have enough respect for the Bible, that when they see that a Biblical position is very clear and without contradiction, they will take that as the position of God.

"Moderates" are right in saying Bible believers hardly vote. They are right in saying that by the world's reasoning, it is "stupid" to appeal to them.

But "moderate" opposition to Bible talk does not run deep. Well, about half of it does not run deep. Moderate opposition is shallow, or "soft". It doesn't seem that way, but just watch: their resistance only seems overwhelming because that's the way the wind is blowing. Let the wind let up for a minute, or change direction, and watch moderates realign themselves.

By the way, the Greek word for "Spirit" is the same as the word for "wind".

Just watch: when Bible believers add their hands to America's steering wheel, you aren't going to see any moderates jumping off. Well, maybe a tiny number. Most moderates will remain on board. That is what defines "moderate": the drive to be "on board", no matter which direction America is travelling. The desire to win, with less concern for what it is America is winning.

Why, if Bible believers supported me, so would liberal Democrats! Look at the Republican initiatives Clinton has supported, and even called his own idea!

Why, if Bible believers lost their toleration for public blasphemy, even the media vultures would retreat to their closets! America's newspapers haven't always led the liberal charge. Ben Franklin was a newspaper man, for example.

So how does someone like me get Bible believers involved?

Well, duh, how about by QUOTING THE BIBLE IN PUBLIC?

What has happened to this generation's common sense, that it puts up candidates who are universally terrified of quoting the Bible, or even mentioning its existence, in the course of political discussion, and then "moral conservatives" express surprise and dismay that Bible believers are among the groups least likely to vote?

This generation assumes that Bible quoting offends voters. Isn't that an untested theory? My candidacy offers a real test of this theory.

I'm open to ideas how to "turn out" Bible believers, but as far as I can determine, the best way to do it is by exactly the means I have taken:

(1) I have opposed those non-involvement theologies which say the Gospel has nothing to say in those political forums where society decides which sins to prohibit, and which to protect. I have published a book which exhaustively addresses such theologies. It's title comes from a phrase in 1 Corinthians 12:8: "The gift of...Governments".

(2) I provide examples of what the Gospel indeed has to say about current issues. I hope this will encourage those who respect the Bible to begin thinking on that track. I hope this helps harness the unity we have as Believers, though we had thought ourselves divided according to our Parties.

(3) I take public positions which I find in the Bible, no matter how much the media vultures hate them, while I remain open to anyone offering to show me errors in my theology. We are human and may always expect errors in our theology. But that is not an excuse for not standing on God's Side, to the extent we are reasonably confident where that is. When we stand with God, God walks with us, and His Power enables us to achieve impossible victories.

This last point is crucial. It is vital to state the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. That truth which is least received, if it really is the truth, is that truth which most needs to be preached. If our goal is the healing of our land, then such truth really is the only cure, and it is a certain cure.

In my case, of all the positions I have taken, my positions on abortion have generated the most excitement. But virtually nobody challenges the Bible studies I have published which establish my position. Virtually everybody who attacks my positions either attacks them as being "scandalous", that is, unpopular with men, or they may attack my positions as unBiblical but their attacks are so superficial that it is obvious they have not even read my Bible studies, because my Bible studies already address the sound bites they raise.

I would really love to accommodate my critics, because there are so many of them. But unfortunately my Bible studies appear to leave no doubt about where God stands on this, and I dare not forsake Him.

You ask, "what is so all fired important about taking a Bible position that just brings shame upon the Church? Won't God understand if we use a little wisdom? Aren't we supposed to be wise as serpents, and gentle as doves?"

OK, you ask me to defend God's wisdom with my own. You suggest that we can make God more popular if we just tone down some of his more Controversial positions. I guess Jesus thought about that while He was fasting. He realized that if He would just compromise a little with Satan, the whole world would clamor for Him to be their dictator.

Will I win? Will my approach bring me to victory? Am I so confident that I am on God's Side, and that God is doing miracles for me and through me, that I can prophecy a victory for myself in November?

Here's what I know: God is doing miracles for me, and for my work, which enable me to continue working. I am so thrilled about what God has done for me yesterday and today, that I am not concerned what God will do for me tomorrow. I just know whatever God does, it will be really good. Philippians 3:13.

I do pray for the day Americans will once again, as in America's beginning, apply their Biblical faith to their politics. I do pray for the healing of today's Christian fellowships, wherein churches are not only cut off from each other, divided into denominations contrary to Scripture, but wherein church members with the Gift of Governments are cut off from communicating their knowledge with the rest of their fellowship.

Will I see this healing with my own eyes? Yes, I believe I will. I really do believe this, and this belief gives me great joy. What is the basis for my belief? Honestly, my strongest reason is that I yearn for it so much, and I pray for it through my words and actions constantly, and I have read God's promises about answered prayer.

I trust God.

And on the strength of that trust, I live and work in the expectation of seeing the Bible returned to its position of authority in America's legislatures and courts. As that happens, "moderate Republicans" and liberal Democrats alike will be on board, and will be happy to be there. Don't worry about them. They aren't the problem. They are only the symptom. Their opposition will melt away like the morning mists when the wind changes.

You who love God's Word: (many of whom are these same "moderate Republicans" and "liberal Democrats") help me lift it high. In its light, our political differences will be seen as vapors.

Let me generalize now, to show how these principles apply in everyday life, and in your life.

God gave you a vision, too. God gave you a specialty: something God gave no one else. God's plan needs you.

We know this is true from 1 Corinthians 12, which describes Holy Spirit Gifts. Our spiritual specialties are compared with the parts of our bodies, which seem almost infinitely varied and specialized. The Body of which we are parts is the Bride of Christ, which has more parts than a physical body. Only a short list of Gifts is given, but likewise only a short list of body parts is given. Obviously the gifts, and the body parts, are meant merely as examples of the endless variety of specialties given by God, not a complete list.

So you have a unique gift. Now what?

?? Why isn't everybody grateful when you share it? Why is it that when you offer that which is most precious, which others most need, and you serve it with selfless love, why is it that you aren't appreciated as much as you expected? Why is it that your gifts are not only not appreciated, but are actually resisted? Why is it that you get the feeling that if you persist in offering your precious gift, you will actually be persecuted? Because when you did, you were?

Well, welcome to the Human Race. What was the most precious Gift offered in all the history of the universe? Was it not God's Love? Why then did God, in order to give it, suffer persecution to the extent of Death on the Cross?

We humans have a natural resistance to that which we most need. Knowing this, we must be careful to (1) give to others what will help them, not in the expectation of appreciation but in the expectation that its benefit will not be understood and may be resisted; and (2) be open to others who want to give their spiritual treasure to us, lest we resist what we don't understand and find ourselves resisting God.

But what should we do when we have a vision of good, whether for America, our family, or anything in between, but our goal seems impossible, so we don't know whether to settle for "winning" second best, rather than losing all?

Here is my advice: read God's promises to answer prayer, over and over again. Feast on them. Let them comfort you. Let them give you courage. Dedicate your life to God, that your fear of God may be balanced by your Trust in God. Read His commandments, and obey them, that you walk in the direction which will most genuinely satisfy you.

Now with God's promises to answer prayer under your belt, take another look at all those evils in life which depress you, which make you question how God could be a God of love and still allow them. You know, those things that aren't right in life, but which you can do nothing about because the problems are so enormous that you are absolutely powerless to change them.

Now with God's promises to answer prayer ringing in your ears, look at those impossible problems as your goals. I don't like to talk about gambling, but Bingo. You have just identified your mission in life. No, you don't see now how it is possible to take on such enormous problems; that's why you have retreated into escapes, like entertainment, or substance abuse, or other addictions. But there is only one way you can really be full of joy, and that is by your victory over what most depresses you.

There is a little problem with this: you see, victory over them may take your whole lifetime. After all, if you could reach your most incredible goals this month, what would remain to fill the rest of your life?

But God offers a solution to this problem: faith. Through faith, you can believe God really will answer your prayers. If you really do believe that, then the problems will not depress you, because you know they are only temporary. On the contrary, when you view that which most depresses you through eyes of faith, it actually becomes your greatest source of joy, through the knowledge that you WILL have victory over it!

Now as you are getting ready to tackle that big Mountain, you will hear rumors about what the Moderate Republicans in your life think about your naive attempts. They tell you you are stupid to try, and if you boldly declare your trust in God to answer your prayers, they stop telling you what they really think but they put distance between you and them so no one else mistakes your fruitiness as something of theirs.

Don't mind their doubts. Always be open to examining their advice, because sometimes it will contain truth; but when they cannot find anything wrong with your goal, but can only doubt you can ever reach it, remember than humans are not experts on what you can accomplish in the future. Look to the Expert.

This is the problem we all face. This is the real problem that tears America apart; not the existence of political parties committed to perversion and corruption: those are only symptoms.

Will you choose faith, or sin?

Adam and Eve did not choose faith. When God told them something they didn't understand, they questioned God's judgment. When popular culture looks at this world God has given us and can't understand God's plan in it, our culture questions God's love.

You can see that faith requires a lot of spiritual energy. It requires us to visualize victory with our heart, while our eyes clearly see a formidable enemy. That creates a great tension between your heart and your eyes. Trust your eyes, and you have chosen depression, hopelessness, despair -- a meaningless existence. Trust your heart, and God's Promises, and you have chosen pure joy, and love of God for His selfless promises and His Gift of Himself to you.

Choose faith, and you choose Heaven. You choose joy. You choose to place yourself in God's Hands. You acknowledge His Love. Your trust proves you acknowledge His Love; you would not trust someone with your life whom you thought was indifferent to you or hated you.

Choose Heaven. Choose the joy of future victory, seen today with eyes of Faith. Let us call out to God together, for victory over the resistance we all have to each other, to the gifts we offer each other. Let us pray for Fellowship. Let's ALL win.



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