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January, 2002 AD


(Cover note to letter writers:) Thanks for your note to Don Spitz. He forwarded it to me to respond on his behalf, since he is overwhelmed with email. I am posting responses, along with my comments in some cases, at, in case you would like to hear what others have said. If you don't want your name and email address posted with your message, let me know right away and if I don't get another computer virus first, or something more disruptive, I'll remove it as a courtesy to you.

In Jesus' Name (Col 3:17) Dave Leach


How This Is Organized

As you might imagine, the emails repeat many of the same points. I considered separating all the material by subject and creating a long article for each subject, composed of responses on that subject. But (1) it would create an endless editing task which would begin again with each new email; (2) Lost would be the verbatim letters of AOG critics, which I think is valuable in understanding how Americans reason; (3) most letters raise several subjects, and even the subjects themselves overlap.

And yet the responses need to be organized in some way that readers with a particular question can easily find all that pertains to just that question.

The solution: a "searchable database", a single article with each mention of a subject tagged with a keyword which can take the searcher quickly from one mention to the next. This works well even for a print version, by making the keywords big and bold.

Here are the subjects we have so far, and their search keywords: (Include the Asterisk in your search to limit results to beginnings of articles)

"Thou Shalt Not Kill*"

Do Not Judge*" "Stop playing God" "God will take care of sinners; we don't have to do anything about them"

"Turn the Other Cheek*"

"He that Takes the Sword*"

"You are hurting your own cause" or "You are bringing shame upon the name of Jesus" or "your Strategy* cannot succeed"

"What Bible Verses* condemn abortion?"

"I'm considering getting an abortion" (Search word: "Bow2bort*")

"I'm undecided about abortion" or "Why are you such a fanatic over abortion?" "Don't be so Serious*"

"It's no use trying to have a Discussion* with you"

"Those terrible Pictures*"

"Constitution Requires Choice" "Christians, obey The Law*"

"Action Is Hate* when it is against an abortionist" "Why do you hate abortionists?"

"Adoption*, not Murder"

"Abortion is a Choice" "God gave us Choice" "ChoiceRules*"

"Vengeance is God's" "Eye for an Eye*" "Two wrongs don't make a right"

"Jesus was Nonviolent*"

"What about Rape*, incest, and disability?"

"What about unloved children, or children who will face a life of Poverty*?"

"Don't blame abortionists! Blame* the mother! Blame the parents!"

"At least aborted babies go straight to Heaven" "It's better to be aborted than Born*"

For all types of threats: search "Threat*"

It is interesting to search "Hell", (without an asterisk), to see how many times Don and I are told that's where we will go.

Christianity has been violent since Columbus*



Subject: I just saw you all on TV I was afraid they were going to butcher YOU ! ! !

Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002

From: "tina compton" <>


But I thought you all came off looking pretty good .

I am glad I found You.


Thanks for your note to Don Spitz. He forwarded it to me to respond on his behalf, since he is overwhelmed with email. I am posting responses, along with my comments in some cases, at, in case you would like to hear what others have said. If you don't want your name and email address posted with your message, let me know right away and if I don't get another computer virus first, or something more disruptive, I'll remove it as a courtesy to you.

In Jesus' Name (Col 3:17) Dave Leach



Christianity has been violent since Columbus*

Subject: [Fwd: Fw: i seen your special on hbo.]

Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002

From: "Elijah Licano" <>

To: <>

From: Elijah Licano <> Personally I think that your web site reminds me of a morbid non Christ like kind of "Christian." You think that killing in the name of god is right? Did your savior Jesus Christ Kill in the name of God? NO. He wasn't as ignorant as you "Christians" are and forever will be. your kind killed of my relatives in the name of god. The Aztecs, apache, Navajo, all my ancestry is gone. Thanks to a white mans religion. Jesus Christ did in fact, without a doubt, exist. But his intentions were to instill a righteous kind of mind set for a Intelligent kind of man. Not an ignorant "solder of god" think long and hard about what your kind created which is now known as the united states of America. Freedom. Your white race created this. If you want to stop abortion, you're in the wrong country. Like I said, your kind made this land the way it is. This is the land of the free. honestly, think about this, bombing and shooting people for an aborted unborn life form is really what your god would recommend, or even agree with? I doubt it. But in your heart giving your life for another persons is an act of pure and awesome intent. Read the new testament. Its no longer an eye for an eye. Turn the cheek. Your religion has ruined this world. Look at the September 11th incident. Over what, religion. Why, because the western culture is corrupt and the eastern is as well. Muslim, Christian, they're all wrong. Christ was a Jew. He said "I am what you call me" I am the son of God. He never called himself a Christian. Your ignorance wont stop let alone minimize abortion, it will simply be ignored. Such in the way your ignoring your Christ's word. Think about your ways, your logic, your life. I believe in God, Jesus Christ, but I am neither a Muslim or a Christian. Simply a believer. God doesn't talk to anyone any more. He works in your life if he feels you're worthy. Which I doubt any human now is. Animals kill. Humans wage wars. Abortion isn't right in my book. But, its not murder either. the embryo hasn't even had a perfect or complete thought process. Outside the mothers womb, it cant live. give it a chance, right? well freedom of choice weather you like it or not. its going to die. Without all this technology, 58% of babies world die anyhow. bet you didn't know that. these people think that god really talks to them. C'mon now. please respond. Id like to know why you think you're so righteous. Elijah Malachi LicanoLike my name? pretty biblical huh.


Dear Elijah,

I would like to know where your family is from: Mexico? South America? The Southwest US? I would like to know so I can think of how to respond to your characterization of "white" vs. "Indian" history. It was quite different from one region to another, from one generation to another. The Commanches, driven on their "Trail of Tears" to Oklahoma from the American Southeast, a decade before our Civil War and fueling Northern concerns about Southern slaveholding mentality, is an example of innocent Indians ruthlessly treated by cruel whites. But there were histories of equally ruthless Indians. Is it true that the Aztecs routinely celebrated human sacrifices, where the priest so quickly sliced into the chest of a victim that he could pull out his or her still beating heart? The United States was developed by French trappers and Jeshuit priests, Spanish Catholics, and English speaking Protestants. Each of the groups has had its own distinct record of relations with the various, some evil and some peaceful, Indians. The Pilgrims and Quakers were astonishing examples of peaceful relations built on the foundation of unusually pure Christian faith. And of course our land knew violence before anyone came from Europe! To lump them all together and say all the good was on one side makes me skeptical of your intellectual sincerity.

I can't figure out your relationship with Jesus Christ. You seem to want to claim faith in Him, and to spit on Him, both at the same time. But if you will honestly examine the historical record of the relationships of Christians with Indians, surely you will have to acknowledge relations were good to the extent the European settlers were serious about their faith in Jesus Christ. Surely you will have to also acknowledge that Indians who converted to Christianity were improved in character, and were more likely to assimilate peacefully with the growing population.

Your dehumanizing of babies as an "unborn life form" is like your dehumanizing of all white Christians of American history. Be very careful. Ask yourself: had you been born a Southern Slaveholder, or a Spanish Conquistador, could no more bitterness than you feel in your heart right now, for people groups other than your own, enable you to join in brutalizing another race?

Christianity is all about Freedom. The history of Christian missionaries is the history of men and women sacrificing their own comfort, security, health, and life so that others may become free. The spread of Christianity (by missionaries, as opposed to by kings; can you see the difference in purity of Christian expression?) has meant the reduction or elimination of slavery, human sacrifice, infant sacrifice, and abortion; and the introduction of schools and hospitals.

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, Luke 4:18

If you really think Christ, who created all races and all lands, Who created the one man and woman from which all others spring in one blood, cares less about babies, or about any group of people, than about the noblest leaders, please review the Scriptures showing God's care for the unborn. Search for "Verses*", at

It may strike you as the most callous of insults, for me to suggest that you, whose motive in writing was to defend, out of love, a group whom you thought I was attacking, are actually guilty of dehumanizing prejudice equal to the worst scoundrels of history. But that is not at all my perception of you, any more than it is of myself.

1 Corinthians 10:13 There hath no temptation taken you, but such as is common to man.

The problem of Love has always been not just one of intentions, but also of wisdom. Cut loose from the moorings of God's wisdom, man's opinions about who to love, and who to restrain, have flitted around like a cloud of gnats. It should not be an object of despair to us that we were not spiritually mature at birth; but the Power of Christ in our lives can help us mature.

"Let God Judge* while we do nothing"

Subject: [Fwd: What does Jesus say about your hate?]

Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002

From: "Osi DeSuti" <>

To: <>

Funny how this email addy is "glory to Jesus" yet none of your quotes are from Jesus Christ! Why must yee hate? If there is sin, if there is evil, if there are wrongdoers in this world let God deal with them! It is not your place! Who gives you the right to do Gods work?



Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002

From: "Brandi Wren" <>

To: <>

are you really stupid enough to believe all this that you have on your web page???? amazing.

(A later email from Brandi:)

"Prolifers Raise Taxes"

it wouldn't cost us taxpayers anything, if you freaks would just mind your own freaking business.

Uncle Ed. Sez: Well, this takes the cake, as my grandmother used to say. I must acknowledge I too have chafed at the squandered taxes wasted by fanatic prosecutors who use up two murder cases' worth of budget to go after one old lady praying on a sidewalk! Or the posting of U.S. Marshals 24 hours a day in butchers' parking lots a few years ago, in Des Moines, in reported response to my writings, rather than take my offer to hire the best writer in the world, for a lot less budget, to refute my writings in my own publication! Or the assigning of 1/3 of the Des Moines on-duty police force to remove a dozen of us from the butcher door, a few years ago. Or the meddling of the Supreme Court, in the first place, in the states' business, that has turned this nation's morality upside down!

But this young lass finds objectionable, not the wasteful fanaticism of law enforcement, but the pleas of a handful of Christians to stop killing your very own children! Brandi probably thinks if those with conscience shut up and went home, that law enforcement would all of a sudden become rational and efficient?

I'm curious about something, Brandi: how old are you? Are you 29 or less? In other words, are you one of the "lucky" survivors of abortion, walking safely through the stacks of corpses of your less lucky contemporaries? Have you ever thought about how that could have been you?

"We Witches will Win!"

(Brandi continues in a 3rd email:)
also, as for us wiccans....there are more of us than you will ever know. :))) but, don't worry. when you preach your crap at us, we just smile, look right through you, and let you continue on in your silly little world. because, we understand that ignorance is bliss, and hey - why take bliss away from anyone unless it's absolutely necessary?

blessed be! by the way, did you know that wicca pre-dates christianity? and that yule, which is the wiccan holiday celebrated around winter solstice, was the precursor to christmas, before rulers outlawed pagan worshiping as a means of gaining more control over their people through the christian church? yes, sirree. and as for easter...what's up with the eggs in the basket thing? well, that stems from the ancient pagan celebration of beltane, around the end of april, beginning of may, which celebrates the fertility of the goddess and the god that produces our beautiful earth and all its creatures. many things are used at this holiday to symbolize fertility, and eggs in a basket (i.e., eggs in a womb) is one example. i could go on and on, but you've probably already stopped reading, anyway.

Uncle Ed. Sez: Yes, Brandi, I know. But thanks for helping me make my point to Christians who think compromising with these now traditional holidays is harmless. Yes, of course I knew that witchcraft predates Christianity! Exodus 22:18 makes it a capital crime. But the important point is that Christianity will antedate witchcraft. God predates Satan, and will antedate him.

But more important: who will you choose? Does the prospect of an eternity with God who loves you seem so boring to you, that you would actually prefer the flames of hatred of the Father of Lies? Or do you actually think Satan will prevail over God? Have you experienced the victory, in your own life, that you expected?

Abortion is the same kind of choice. God allows you to kill your very own child. God allows you to choose Hell. God does not want to force you to accept His Love, though He longs for your fellowship. But the natural consequence of rejecting love is a heart burning/consumed with hatred.

(Brandi writes a 4th email:)

your twisted, narrow concept of the world and your place in it makes me giddy as a schoolgirl that i left christianity years ago for wicca. i am happy and have a close, personal relationship with the god and goddess. thank you for reaffirming that. and thank you for the news on your web site - if you seem unhappy about it, i know i will be happy about it, so i am even more anxious to read the news. so, while you are off burning books, being concerned with others' lives, and psychologically scarring your children for life, i am off enjoying my own, private life and my connection with nature and mother earth. don't worry, though, it's not too late. you can still enjoy your life if you decide you want to. by the way, have you ever heard of bill hicks? strikes me as someone you might be interested in. you should go pick up one of his albums - i'm sure you would like it.

Uncle Ed. Sez: OK, but remember to not look in the mirror too often. "Witch" isn't a synonym of "ugly" for nothing.

You know, I never thought I would be trading semi-good natured jibes with an admitted witch! And yet I can't pick up the sense that Brandi is bitter in her writing. She strikes me as treating this whole thing as a joke. True, these are terrible things to joke about. But I see her, but more imporantly I suspect God sees her, as a jewel covered by not too much slime for God to clean up and want back in His Family. For my own part, I have seen enough spiritual slippage among those I love, and in myself, to not be personally offended or even alarmed by Brandi's professed allegiences; but rather, I have seen people I care about including myself recover from serious stupidity, enough to have no fatalistic assumptions that Brandi cannot recover. I look forward to your return to Christ, Brandi (sorry I can't decide between 2nd and 3rd person, but I'm talking to you and to readers) at which point I would love to welcome her as my own daughter. (Or grandmother, depending on her age.)

Ironic, that you select, for your email name, the length of time you lived in the womb.


(Wow! Another from the same witch! I've lost count.)

who the heck names these babies?? these fake babies, that is. they're not even real

(And Another! And another! And another!)

by the way, you guys really need a proofreader. i saw some type-o's.

Uncle Ed. Sez: Are you volunteering? Reminds me of when I answered an ad for a proofreader for the Des Moine Register. As part of my resume, so to speak, I pointed out the 5 errors in that little 15 word ad! I assumed it was some sort of test, and the more errors I could find, the surer I would be to get the job. But I never heard from them again. They must have been just typos.


(How many is it now? #7. Hmmm. Not a good number for a witch! A witch could lose her broom over that!)

it's people like you who give christians a bad name. you don't follow the teachings of jesus, which are to love and forgive and accept. in fact, it appears that you actually get off on sick, warped, gory violence, but you're so repressed and brainwashed by your own ignorance that you can't admit that to yourselves. so, to deal with it, you give it the guise of the stereotypical, close-minded, self-righteous, right-wing, fanatical bible thumper. well, you may be able to fool yourselves, but there are other people who are ahead of your game, you loonies. you all act holier than thou, because you are fighting to save unborn children, yet your people are killing people. does that somehow make you win? no. it does not bring babies back to life. it does not even stop people from having abortions. for crying out loud, you probably cause abortions! why would any sane person (just imagine you're sane for a minute) want to bring a child into this world with people like you viciously murdering fellow human beings. these human beings, unlike an early fetus, have spinal chords with fully developed nervous systems and brains that can process the sensations that produce physical pain and emotions. these fellow human beings also have families to provide for, wives, husbands, relatives, friends, and children who will now not grow up with a parent. i am not advocating abortion as a method of birth control for a person to use repeatedly, however for some people, in some situations, at certain points in time, they are necessary. and they also are not a walk in the park for the women having them - especially with lunatics like you killing people in and affiliated with clinics. whether you like it or not, abortions are legal in this country. so deal with it. if it's really about the children you are trying to save, why don't you work to ban abortions the usual ways - lobbying, petitioning, paying off our fine politicians? (could it be because then you wouldn't get to glorify killing people? then you wouldn't get to express all that anger and hate.) another suggestion would be to seek intensive therapy for your mental problems, such as your inability to accept that you cannot control everyone else in this world. or you could hop on the next shuttle off this planet. or you could simply stay where you're at, mind your own business, and channel your anxious energies into a more productive and life-friendly hobby, such as gardening, aerobics, yoga, or being in the outdoors. good luck and blessed be

p.s. that is not what an aborted fetus looks like. it does not have a head like that. it'd be pretty hard to suck a head like that through that little vacuum they use, wouldn't it? where in the world did you get your pictures? the national enquirer???p.p.s. i would be interested in your response to this. if you can handle reading the whole thing, that is.

Uncle Ed. Sez: I'm flabbergasted that an admitted witch would presume to judge a Christian's walk with Jesus! It never would have occurred to me to judge her walk with Satan! If I thought her walk with Satan was poor, why would that put me in a critical spirit? Wouldn't that make me rejoice?

How can I parody the irony here? I can't! Yes I can. It would be like cursing the quarterback on the OTHER team for a fumble! It doesn't add up!

Actually, yes, it does add up. But maybe not the way Brandi might expect. It proves that somewhere within Brandi, she recognizes that the standards set for man by Jesus Christ are good, and that it is WRONG to not live by them!

Yet Brandi herself not only does not live by them, she entirely rejects them as a guide for her own life! Why? Does she lack faith that Jesus in her life can help her reach those standards? What confusion, what unease this must put in her heart!

Wow! An admitted witch, criticizing a Christian for gory violence! Brandi, who knows how the licentious Saturnalia preceded our "Christmas", and the adulterous "Ashter" preceded our "Easter", must know about Halloween! How the Druids went "trick or treating" to homes at random, demanding that home to provide one victim, whom they placed with other victims in a giant face made of straw, and set it on fire, which our "jack-o-lanterns" memorialize! But the merciful Druids gave the victims a way out: if they would bob for apples in a pot of boiling oil, and if they could retrieve the apple with their mouth, then they could live out their days with grotesqely scarred faces! And of course witches relish human sacrifices to this day. Well, they start off with cats, but their prize is a young woman, or a baby! And this witch accuses CHRISTIANS of gory violence? And for what? For showing the public the gory violence of which abortionists are guilty some 30,000 times throughout their career? Unbelievable!

Our witch offers the distinction between babies and adults that gives adults a right to live, the right to be denied babies: fully developed spinal columns. Well, if full development is to be our new standard, why pick on spinal columns? Why not ears? Everybody knows ears don't grow to their maximum until you are about 90. So everyone younger than 90 can be aborted. Or how about the next standard: if you have families to care for you can live. Which of course eliminates any rights for any child under about the age of 25.

Are those questions about the pictures sincere? Does our witch really not understand that not all abortions are done with vacuum cleaners?



Subject: gods love

Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002

From: "Charles Burch" <>

To: <>

this is to all who condone the killing of anyone involved with abortion. abortion may not be right, but neither is any of your pointless are all abunch of racist, and sexist fascist. the very god you sacrifice your meaningless lives for does not condone your actions and when you die which i hope to be soon you will answer to him.

Uncle Ed. Sez: You say it as if you will NOT answer to God. When you titled your note "God's Love", did you mean your note to be an EXAMPLE of God's love? Do you know God? If not please explain why you care if we seem to you not to know Him? But if you know Him, then don't you know about Jesus warning in Matthew 5:32 of what happens to someone who accuses another of being worthless? Of course calling is worthless will surely be nothing, in the eyes of God, with calling babies so worthless as to have not even a right to live!


Subject: Inspirational

Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 02:17:24 -0600

From: <>

To: <>

Wow, I was amazed by your web site. It inspired me to write this e-mail to thank you for opening my eyes. I love how you had facts to back up everything you said and didn't use loaded language or anything, truly amazing. I have a homosexual sex pervert roommate and I can't tell you the number of times he's raped little boys.

Well, actually, he's just a bisexual sex pervert so maybe that's why he doesn't rutinely rape young boys. I don't know.

Exodus 21:12 He that smiteth a man, so that he die, shall be surely put to death.

To me, this would say that killing doctors is wrong, but I admire how you find a way around it. I also love how you show pictures of dead babies clearly past the first trimester and claim that they were killed by baby killing abortionists when it is against the law to perform an abortion past the first trimester. I'm glad you're stopping these law breakers. . . dumbass. Here's my favorite bible quote of all time. . .get ready for it. . . it's really good. really. . .

Exodus 20:13 Thou shalt not kill.

It's also cool that the bible has different penalties for murder and killing an unborn child

Exodus 21:22 If men strive, and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart from her, and yet no mischief follow: he shall be surely punished, according as the woman's husband will lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges determine.

I guess abortion is still murder. . . in some way. . . maybe. . . I mean it's kind of alive. All I'm saying is you can twist the bible to say anything you want as long as you take scriptures out of context and have an agenda.

Keep justifying,


Uncle Ed. Sez: I see the "edu" in your address. Does that mean you learned your sarcasm in college? But if you are in college, has no one told you that Partial Birth Abortion, you know, that "procedure" in the news for the past several years, occurs AFTER the first trimester?

Or how about the concept of dealing with a guilty man, or a man about to commit a crime, in a different way than you treat an innocent man who harms no one? Can you sink your teeth into that one? Have you reflected that if you read the rest of Exodus, you might learn that God makes such distinctions? That God makes the same distinctions we do in today's law, between the unlawful killing of an innocent man (murder), the lawful killing of a guilty man (execution), and the lawful use of "reasonable force", even if deadly force is necessary, to defend yourself or another from a criminal?

How can you be in college, and mindlessly quote "thou shalt not kill" without these elementary distinctions even OCCURRING to you? (It's no excuse that everyone else in the world seems to quote it just as mindlessly. You are in COLLEGE.)

I have to give you credit, though, for knowing about Exodus 21:22, the ONLY Scripture quoted in Roe v. Wade. You may be forgiven for missing the sermons preached during your childhood on THAT one. But read it again, and realize that the "judges" are a "jury", and the reason for a different procedure in the case of an injury to the womb, in the course of a fight between men that doesn't involve the woman, and the deliberate murder of an adult, is the need for the jury to determine to what degree the injury was even deliberate. "Criminal intent" is part of what must be proven to convict anyone of a felony, under American law. It is a concept taken right out of Moses. Law would not make sense without it.

To review, the scenario you quote is where two men are fighting, and a woman tries to intervene, and gets injured. The jury should determine whether the blow looked like it was aimed deliberately at the womb, or was an accident. Hence the range of penalties available. Roe v. Wade was out of line in assuming, from this, that God takes unborn life less seriously than born life. For more Scriptures, search using "verses*" at

Your sarcasm really is a bit on the arrogant side. Pride is a crime, in God's book, like abortion. Like abortion, it dehuminizes the human being, or group thereof, before you, and makes you capable of terrible atrocities while justifying yourself. Be careful.


Subject: Evil

Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002

From: "ALLAN RAINBOLT" <> To: <> CC: <>

You people are evil.abortion forever.


Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002

From: "Slut Gear" <>

To: <>

It seems to me it takes more strength to love a sinner than to blow there brains out. Unfortunatly your mis-interpretation of the bible may kill us all. If you think the true army of god would judge people, races,or religion, the way you your wrong.I was raised to love sinners the way you love family the way the bible teaches.You and your supposed holy gang will do nothing but hurt this world

one pissed off christianM.J.C

Uncle Ed. Sez: You are a WHAT Christian? Isn't that like saying you are a Moslem Jew? Or an animal human?

If you are a Christian, you can do better than to give, for an authority for how to believe, how you were "raised". You can do better than to allege the Bible SOMEWHERE affirms your belief. You can tell me WHERE. You can explain where God says that the right way to "love sinners" is to protect their ability to sin. Perhaps you can analyze the Greek for me to show how the Good Samaritan showed his love for the robbers, when he saw the Jew, beaten up and left for dead, by offering to watch the road for police so the robbers could safely finish what they started.

As you are jotting down Scriptures and explaining your application, tell me what you think of the Scriptures I have found. Search for "verses*" at


Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002



violence only begets more violence! why would you want to destroy their property? are you truly pro-life? i don't think so, mentioning bullets? we have to stop it not using Satan's tactics, they expect bullets and chemicals, ever think of just telling them? also, maybe reminding them that if they did any other medical practice they wouldn't be bothered? hmmmmmmmmmmmm. think about it, anyway, i am 10000000000000% pro-life and id never kill them only teach them.

Uncle Ed. Sez: It's easy for us in the legal trenches for years to forget average citizens have no idea what we've done, and what we've tried, and how the fanatical prosecutors go after us for what no one, in any other activity besides speaking for babies, would call a "crime."

"Just telling them"! So easy! I suppose most of the facts are there, if you read the newspapers, but somehow they are stretched to the point average citizens do not realize prolifers are ONLY praying on a sidewalk when they are arrested. They don't realize the corner of the driveway, for which prolifers were arrested for trespassing on, were not identified by anybody as a private area, before the arrests were made. They think that when Christians are arrested for planting crosses on the "parking", the grassy area between the sidewalk and the street, that there was some LAW that made those crosses illegal; rather than some LITTERING law covering ABANDONED property, having nothing to do with attended crosses.

Average citizens imagine they are free to talk to an abortionist on his way from his car to his front door, if nothing else. They don't understand the "bubble zones" that prevent getting near enough to be heard, and the FACE lawsuits that come after you for using a megaphone, so there you are screaming at the top of your lungs from across a busy street so a reporter can take a picture of you to show you are just a screaming maniac. So you write a letter, and the FBI hunts you down for threatening the poor soul!

As for warning doctors about the hassles of entering the abortion field, that has been a very effective ministry of Life Dynamics. Not effective enough to have already ended abortion, unfortunately. But every little bit builds toward victory.

"Just talk to him." "Just teach him." Do you know why sows never learn tricks? It's not that they aren't smart. They're just not very teachable. They have an attitude that inhibits learning.

However, if you know how to teach them, I wish you would hurry up and DO it instead of just bragging that you COULD; then our problem would be solved and we could all go home. Subject: ARMY OF SATAN NOT GOD



Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002





Uncle Ed. Sez: If you could cite the verse that says Jesus and Prayer are the only tools a "true Christian" should use, I would be indebted.

Conviction on drug sales? Secession? What is a "catbird seat"? What website did you visit?

Subject: u crazy people

Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002



You quote the old test. like u know the Bible but if u realy new it u should know that the new test. supersedes it. God give the human race the will to choose we have free will to do want we want. Abortion should not be used as a birthcontrole but sometimes the choise to do so is not yours to make for the women who have made the choise. woman have rites just like anyone else. God gave doctors the abilaty to invent the abortion an all the techs that go with it . Does God say go and kill thoes who kill? NO. He said Thou shalt not Kill . You need to read the New Test. and learn about free will u nut and all your friends who back u in your terrorism against PRO CHOISEERS and abortion clinics.

yours truly Pro Choise


Uncle Ed. Sez: Are you related to James Joyce? I heard he was pretty stingy with punctuation, too.

Please search using "verses*" at for some Scriptures that address your points, and write again after you have studied them. As for the Old Testament containing no wisdom for us, how do you interpret 2 Timothy 3:16, which was written before there was a New Testament?

Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002

From: "Bill Hanley" <> Organization: All Things Possible Productions

To: <>

You know the pictures of the aborted babies are very effective in stirring up every emotion from rage to despair. If you pray, God will show you that if every abortion doctor ceased to exist, 1.) woman will still not wanting, get pregnant and 2.) will still find a way to... God did not invent sex to fornicate and commit adultery. God wants you to bring people to him!

Uncle Ed. Sez: There seem to be some missing steps in your train of thought and grammar. Let me offer a few guesses what they are, and let me know how I am doing.

Is your message to us that we should stop discouraging doctors from committing abortion because that won't stop women from getting pregnant?

Do you mean women will still get abortions even without abortionists, so we should welcome abortionists into our Christian communities?

Do you mean that God wants us to make women stop fornicating, and because that is now our new mission, we should let abortionists proliferate -- in case we should fail?

Do you have a ministry? Do you tell yourself "people are just going to keep sinning no matter how much I preach, so instead of preaching against it I should say nice things about it"?

Do you have any appreciation of Christians with different ministries than yours, or do you regard ministries unlike yours as anti-God? Or as competition?

Do you ever portray the consequences of sin as clearly, as graphically, as you can, in order to stir up repentance? Or do you avoid that because it would only stir up rage and despair?

(2nd email from Bill Hanley:)

Romans 12:21- Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good. Reconcile all people to God- Matt. 28:19-20. What's the cause of an abortion?...Fornication, adultery, pornography and otherwise reckless and mindless sexual activity. Reconciliation to God, repentance, baptism.. this is what would prevent abortion! Did you ever count how many times the word love appears in the New Testament? How would Jesus go about saving the unborn?

Uncle Ed. Sez: Uh, how would Jesus save the UNborn? Please tell me!

Love: 310 times. Charity: 28 times. (KJV) And your point? Is it that showing a sinner a picture of the consequences of sin is not an act of love? Or that it is evil? Please quote the Scriptures that support THAT idea.-


Subject: and the Lord said ?????????????/

Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002

From: "john hallahan" <>


Dear Sirs,

I wonder if you people really know what most Americans thinks of you but then, i guess you really don't care. Lets just say that most believe you to be individuals with some very deep psychological disorders. A pity you are really incapable of heeding Gods Word and doing some real good.

Such a waste, such a waste.....


Uncle Ed. Sez: You mean you believe God's Word, and yet you believe in PSYCHOLOGY?

Are YOU governed by what others think of you, while at the same time counting yourself a Bible believer?

James 4:4 Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God?

I CARE what others think of me, for their sakes. I wouldn't care if people condemned me for doing evil. But when the greatest criticism of others comes against me for taking a Biblical position, I fear for THEIR souls.



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