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The Inconsistency of proclaiming "abortion is murder, but those who act like it are fanatics"

Background: Mike Bray bombed a few abortion barns, served time, and to this day is not repentant but continues to defend others who act physically to prevent abortion. Randal Terry founded Operation Rescue, which closed abortion barns by getting masses of people to sit in front of them but which carefully avoided the least violence. Terry recently made a failed but respectable bid for U.S. Senate in New York.

Mike Bray was the featured interviewee on 60 minutes recently. He didn't get to tell very much of his story at that time. Here is a little more of it. Here he comments on Randall Terry's recent condemnation of the use of force to prevent infanticide, which Terry has avoided publicly doing before now. He begins by reminding us of the saying made famous by Randall Terry in the early days of Operation Rescue: "If you believe abortion is murder, act like it." Bray seems to be responding to a report by a fellow named "Slattery".

Thu, 11 Mar 1999, Michael Bray <mbray@ccconline.net>, Reformation Lutheran Church. Subject: Terry Tapes 60 Min I

Bray: (Writing in his newsletter) I just completed my interview with Mr. Rather in my home. I tried to clearly distance myself from hypocrites who say, "If you think abortion is murder, act like it," and then proceed to condemn those who do.

The only explanation I could offer Mr. Rather for Mr. Terry's change of mind (noting that Mr. Terry had attended my own welcome home party when I emerged from prison in connection with the destruction of abortion facilities) is that he may now be infatuated with political aspirations and is now less inclined to proclaim the truth about the holocaust or the means of saving the innocent. If Mr. Terry had become an absolute pacifist there might be some integrity found in his present posture.

SlatteryNY@aol.com wrote:

Randy Terry, Founder of Operation Rescue, taped an important interview with Dan Rather on violence in the pro-life movement at 60 Minutes II studios in NYC yesterday. He also presented a 24 week intact, preserved "baby choice" aborted baby to Dan Rather for his personal viewing off camera. Rather seemed to take it in stride saying he had seen one before. (Terry was given a five month federal prison sentence in the past for arranging such a presentation out on the streets of Manhattan to then presidential candidate Bill Clinton.)

60 Minutes II host Dan Rather was trying to see how far Terry would go in distancing himself from those in the pro-life movement who justify homicide against abortionists.

Terry tried to clearly distance himself from the deeds and/or words of those who would justify force against abortionists including Michael Bray, and an associate of Terry's, Gary McCollough, who, it was pointed out by Rather, had been quoted as saying that Michael Griffin was "a hero" after he shot and killed a Florida abortionist.

The show does not yet have an air date.

For comments or questions, please contact Randall Terry at (607) 655-1900. From New York City, Christopher Slattery, (212) 685-1360

Justice, then peace, Michael Bray. http://www.christiangallery.com/bray.html




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