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Published August/A/1994 AD, Prayer & Action Weekly News. Published on the front cover, and issues sent to Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa (where U.S. Marshals had just been posted day and night), Phylliss Henry (head U.S. Marshall, who told the Des Moines Register that not me, but my writings, were the reason Marshals were on duty!), Janet Reno, and Bill Clinton.

There is no further need for any abortionist to feel so threatened by MY word processor that you need to park gunmen in parking lots, because my offer, rejected by local abortionists, now goes out to every abortionist in America: if what you fear is my writing skill with which you think I distort the truth, then all you have to do is hire the most skillful writers you can to expose the errors that disturb you, and I will publish their statements along with my own!

I will even give you generous unedited FREE space, you who make as much in a grisly hour as I make in a month. And if you submit more than I judge to be succinct or of interest to readers, you can purchase more space at our low ad rates!

[Note of explanation: I put that in there to protect myself from being sent dictionary pages or something to just fill up space. The back page of the issue explained that my ad rates were only $10 for an entire page!]

This is not some "cult" where a single voice is heard and controls dissent. This is not even patterned after other agenda=driven media, where editorial decisions shape coverage, and only staff can report news, as assigned by the editor, and even letters to the editor are rejected if the editor deems them "hateful".

This is a forum. If you are concerned about it, you can join it.

So stop wringing your hands and sending armed marshals to parking lots because you fear what I write! I am not so skilled a writer that, in this forum, you can't overwhelm me with a bevy of high class writers for a lot less money than you can permanently post marshals in parking lots!

I happily accept the risk of being proved wrong: If I am wrong, I want to be proved so!

But if you are afraid to enter this forum, when you have it easily within your power to correct every distortion I could possibly generate, then what does that leave for you to be afraid of?

If it's distortions you want to stop, then I'm offering you an easy way to stop them with writers. But of course if it's truth you want to stop, then maybe you're right; maybe you will need hired guns.

There is nothing "conspiratorial" (defined as including "secrecy") about this forum, unless you manage to redefine "conspiracy" to apply to one of the most open forums for a free exchange of ideas in the nation!



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