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Chapter 1: The Facts that made Johnny a Fanatic. Introduction to John Brockhoeft's Heart.
Chapter 2:
Truth, Justice, and Narrow-Mindedness. Analyzing the psychology and illegality of abortion. Summaries of articles enclosed with Chapter Two: "A Word For (from) the Clintons"; Lurleen Stackhouse confronts Bill Clinton at church, and "Protests could stop parole" By Ben Kaufman, Cincinnati Enquirer, 11/92, providing details of Brockhoeft's charges and prospects for parole.
Chapter 3.
Nurturing a Heart for Action. How Johnny enthroned Jesus' Two Greatest Commandments in his heart, and how that led him to violence, but it had to be for the right reason: Love.
Chapter 4:
The Army of God. the army of god must be semper fidelis -- barb desborough -- moderation -- are you a prolifer or an antiabortionist? -- Dietrich bonhoeffer -
Chapter 5:
Feel Johnny's fears as he plans his Fires. Nightline transcript -- just before the firebombings -- surveillance of the targeted buildings
Chapter 6
Walk in Johnny's shoes as he burns down the abortuary that pioneered "Partial Birth" abortion. The Fires
Chapter 7
Analyzing the first man to shoot an abortionist. The Griffin Defense, Part II -- justifiable homicide -- capital punishment -- the Griffin case as an example of capital punishment -- defensive, justified warfare -- a final clarification of our position on capital punishment -- Warning to abortionists
Chapter 8
George Grant condemns "prolife violence", after writing a book chronicling and commending Christian violence throughout Church history. TBR BOOK REVIEW Third Time Around -- A History of the Pro-Life Movement from the First Century to the Present by George Grant. Wolgemuth and Hyatt, Publishers, Inc. 1749 Mallory Lane, Suite 110, Brentwood TN 37027. 224 pages. -- How victory will come -- One simple tactic that could end abortion -- AN APOLOGY TO GEORGE GRANT

Chapter 9 Johnny uses time travel to let George Grant learn about justifiable force from Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Dietrich & George and the Time Machine (science fiction)
Chapter 10
Hey, you mean America wasn't ALWAYS this hostile to Christians, morals, and common sense? A BRIEF LESSON IN AMERICAN HISTORY -- Established Church: A church supported by the civil government." -- As our friend Joe Bartlett would say: "If Clinton is the answer, it must be a stupid question."

Chapter 11 Media Name-calling: Defining Their Terms
Chapter 12 TWO NATIONS AT WAR, ONE UNDER GOD AND ONE UNDER..? -- Ed: "Can a God of Love hate?"
Chapter 13
An open letter from Joe Bartlett to Shelley.-- Joe Bartlett, writing through Johnny, responds to Shelley Shannon's sentence for shooting infamous late term abortionist George Tiller in both his arms.
Chapter 14 --

Chapter 15 The False Stupidity Syndrome. Brockhoeft's Response to Sullivan's blasphemies. (Terry Sullivan had participated in a debate with P&A News editor Dave Leach. Terry maintained that "prolife violence" is unbiblical; but in order to maintain his position, he came to the point of rejecting considerable portions of the Bible.

Chapter 16 Justice Department Prohibits Johnny from Writing any more TBR Reports. Details of U.S. Parole Commission's restrictions on Brockhoeft's publishing, and Brockhoeft's response

Who is Johnny Brockhoeft?

Johnny Brockhoeft made the "Who's Who" list under the pro-abortion web page "Information About Abortion Clinic Violence". The web address is
It was maintained by Adam Guasch-Melendez ( as of June 1997 AD.

Adam writes:

Actually the first three issues of The Brockhoeft Report were edited and published by Shelley Shannon, who later was convicted and is serving time for shooting both arms of late term Wichita abortionist George Tiller in the arms.

The subsequent 13 chapters were published in the Prayer & Action News between November, 1993 and January, 1995. Brockhoeft's publishing venture was brought to a screeching halt by the truly extreme restrictions placed on his actions which took effect upon his "release" in February of 1995.

He was not allowed to communicate with prolifers. Period. The original orders were so extreme that Brockhoeft was forbidden communication with any prolife attorney!
The orders were so adamant and comprehensive that many shared Brockhoeft's concerns that he would not be allowed:

(1) to attend a church containing prolifers;
(2) to receive medical attention from a prolife doctor;
(3) to marry his prolife fiancee.

These restrictions were to be in effect for three years. The parole board responded to our concerns with the assurance that our scenarios were exaggerated.

Since February 1995, when the veil of secrecy came crashing down, we have been unable to confirm any details about Brockhoeft's treatment. The only thing we know for certain is that he was definitely cut off from Michael Hirsch, his high profile, CBN graduate, prolife attorney who has also been in the news for defending Paul Hill, in Pensacola, Regina Dinwiddie, in Kansas City, and others. However, he was ordered to stay in communication with a government-appointed psychiatrist. With restrictions on communication like that, a prisoner could even be assassinated and his friends and supporters would not know until the restrictions are lifted. If the government obeys its own orders, and if Brockhoeft is still alive and well, he will once again be allowed to communicate with prolifers in February of 1998.

Contents Introductions Introduction to our initial "December/C/1993" issue by Dave Leach Introduction to our initial "December/C/1993" issue by Johnny Brockhoeft


Do Your Eze. 3:20 Duty Letter from the Editor

This is our first official "Pro-Life Controversies" issue, with John Brockhoeft's book serialized in it. This first issue is a "catch up" issue. Normally our /C/ issue will contain only one Brockhoeft chapter. Shelley Shannon published and mailed his first three chapters, most of which were reprinted in past P&A issues. But publication was interrupted when Shelley was accused of shooting late-term abortionist George Tiller ("Tiller the Killer") of Wichita.

Publication of The Brockhoeft Report (TBR) will resume through the /C/ issue of the P&A, to Shannon's readers in addition to P&A readers. Chapters 1-3 are a fresh start. This issue premiers chapter 4.

I think most people will find Brockhoeft's writing style easy and even fun to read, his reasoning not easy to refute, but his conclusions so politically incorrect that even many pro-lifers will find it exasperating, or worse, depending on their commitment to a pacifist view.

My concern as editor is that such readers will seldom share their objections in print so we may learn from them. So I want to extend to every reader the same invitation I extended to a popular pastor:

"Dear pastor READER,
"I realize few, even among Rescuers, condone killing abortionists.

"John Brockhoeft burned abortuaries and defends such violence from the Bible, from law, and from history.

"I find myself unable to refute his logic, and when I tune into televangelists I find mere statements of position, with nothing to persuade those considering babykillercide beyond the promise of human disapproval.

"Such was your statement in your "Pastor's Corner", although I realize you may have given more detail in your sermons.

"Of course you don't need much detail or documentation when you are 'preaching to the choir' -- unless, as appears to be the case with this issue, a growing number of Christians are considering 'quitting the choir'.

"For their sakes, I challenge you to write persuasive arguments addressing the Biblical, historical, and legal issues of babykillercide. Please allow me to publish them -- for Brockhoeft's sake, too, since he will read them in the P&A. Or you can write to him directly -- his address is [given at the end of his articles]. ...



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