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Don says: This is similar to the American Right to Life of a few years ago that raised millions and kept the money.

"Elect Life" Raises Money from Unsuspecting Pro-Life People

New York Daily News, Long Island, NY --

The Long Island, NY "pro-life" group Elect Life has raised $2.1 million in small donations this year and last by apparently falsely promising unsuspecting pro-life people that the money would help pro-life candidates. However, only a penny of every dollar has been spent that way.

Instead, unlike reputable pro-life organizations, nearly all the money raised on behalf of Elect Life, went straight back to a questionable Arizona telemarketer that solicited the contributions.

The $2 million the Elect Life PAC sent to the Arizona telemarketing firm was more than the combined fundraising costs this year of the other 1,124 active political action committees registered with New York State, according to a New York Daily News computer analysis of recent filings.....

Donors to Elect Life -- grassroots pro-life advocates from across the country -- were alarmed when told their money was spent essentially on more fundraising.

"My heavens," said Howard Warner, a retired factory worker in upstate East Syracuse who gave $100. "I wouldn't have given if I'd known that."

But John Mawn, who founded Elect Life out of his Ronkonkoma, NY home, said that every solicitation by telemarketers also supposedly educates supporters. However, calling scripts provided to the New York Daily News show very little educating going on in telemarketing calls. "That's our way of reaching our people, and it's a reasonable cost," Mawn said.....

Records show that Mawn has benefited financially from running Elect Life.

This year, he steered $5,000 to his family bus company, $3,500 to his daughter-in-law to keep the books and $2,600 to himself for salary and rent. Asked why he didn't hire other companies to avoid the appearance of impropriety, Mawn responded: "Why should I? We're not stealing here."

Bill Tierney, chief of Capitol Communications, is the telemarketing company at the center of the controversy surrounding Elect Life. Mawn said

Elect Life languished with few resources until he got a call in early 1999 from Bill Tierney, president of Capitol Communications, a telemarketing company based in Mesa, Ariz.

Tierney, 28, who claims to be pro-life, told Mawn he could make millions of calls on a contingency basis, not charging Elect Life even if the fundraising didn't cover costs, Mawn said.

The Arizonan impressed Mawn with his access to national calling lists from conservative and religious organizations, whose members are likely to back pro-life efforts, Mawn said. "I really thought we'd get the best bang for our buck from Capitol," he said.

Some pro-life leaders have recently questioned how Tierney's telemarketing firm gained access to lists of pro-life people to telemarket saying they appear to "closely resemble" lists from reputable pro-life and pro-family groups Tierney or associates have been involved with in the past.

Capitol Communications kept 94% of the money it raised for Elect Life.

Elect Life got only $137,965 of the money given by pro-life people. It contributed to seven congressional candidates in New York and New Jersey and to a presidential campaign.

Although claiming to be using the $2.1 million to fund pro-life candidates, contributions to candidates totaled only $22,650 -- just 1% of all donations.

In comparison, Barry Bostrom, an Indiana pro-life lawyer who serves as co-counsel to the National Right to Life Committee, points out that at least 85% of donations to the National Right to Life PAC are used to directly fund campaigns of pro-life candidates.

Tierney and Capitol Communications have been accused of milking the pro-life issue for profit. Capitol Communications once raised money for an organization called American Right to Life. That organization came under intense scrutiny from pro-life advocates around the country. Like Elect Life, American Right to Life raised millions, claimed to be supporting pro-life candidates, gave 95% of its donations to Capitol Communications and approximately 1% to pro-life candidates.

Some pro-life leaders have speculated a connection between American Right to Life, Elect Life and Tierney. The two organizations claim similar purposes, use similar letterhead and use nearly identical scripts for phone calls.

Two years ago, National Right to Life raised concerns about American Right to Life, charging its similar name fraudulently misled donors.

"They thought they were donating to us, and they weren't," Bostrom said....

He provided a script Capitol Communication's operators use. It directs the operator to ask for a donation four times, each in decreasing amounts.

If the last request fails, the solicitor asks: "Would you please join our grass-roots campaign to stop partial-birth abortion?"

However, pro-life leaders of various organizations in Washington have never seen or heard of Elect Life taking any actions to lobby members of Congress to stop partial-birth abortions. Elect Life donors told the New York Daily News they already were active pro-life people and they weren't happy to learn their money didn't go to candidates.....

Pro-life people can normally rely on the credibility and authenticity of pro-life groups when getting a phone call or a letter asking for financial help. One pro-life leader encouraged pro-life advocates to continue to financially support pro-life organization and to not let one controversy cause reputable pro-life groups to suffer. However, he encouraged anyone having questions about a phone call or letter to call the organization and talk with staff members about how the money will be used.

August 1, 2000 AD

Don Spitz Sez: God bless the Baby Liberation Army. I almost fell out of my chair after I read American Life League's press release regarding the recent action in Vancouver (below). I admit hearing of babykiller Gary Romalis recent acupuncture made my day; but what a downer to read ALL wants him back murdering babies as soon as possible. They actually are PRAYING for him to get back to the suction machine. (btw) Pro-Life Virginia's Press Release follows ALL's press release. PRNEWSWIRE refused to run Pro-Life Virginia's press release, so only one side of the story of Romalis' acupuncture was told. As you may know, they did run press releases from pro-aborts and other so called "pro-life" organizations that denounced the person who stopped Romalis from murdering more children.


AMERICAN LIFE LEAGUE For immediate release July 11, 2000

ALL condemns all violence

[Press release:] Responding to reports of the stabbing of an abortionist, Dr. Gary Romalis, in Vancouver, Canada, Judie Brown, president of American Life League, said that "We are saddened by this act of violence and condemn it. American Life League has steadfastly held a position against any kind of violence. Our website contains a 'Proclamation Against Violence' that has been signed by 116 pro-life groups. We pray for the speedy recovery of Dr. Gary Romalis."

NOTE: The Pro-Life Proclamation Against Violence may be found online at http://www.all.org/news/proclam.htm. ###

American Life League is the nation's largest pro-life educational organization with more than 367,000 supporting families. P.O. Box 1350 / Stafford, VA 22555 / 540-659-4171 / www/all.org


Pro-Life Virginia's Press Release that was denied broadcast. Pro-Life Virginia Chesapeake Virginia Contact: Rev. Donald Spitz 1-757-421-2543

God Spares Abortionist Garson Romalis - Again

Abortionist Garson Romalis, noted Canadian baby killer, was spared a second time to resume his blood thirsty career.

A major purpose of government is to protect the innocent. Since the Canadian government refuses to protect those unjustly put to death, choosing to protect those who commit these mass murders instead, the protection of the innocent falls to true Christians.

If the stabbing of abortionist Romalis is not a random act, but someone's heroic attempt to stop abortionist Romalis from murdering unborn children, it is a justifiable act.

Why is the life of a babykilling abortionist worth more than the life of even one innocent baby that he is paid to murder? If there is a choice between the lives of babies or of their hired killer, I choose the live babies. Whose more important?

Force used against abortion mills or those who murder unborn (or partially born) children is totally justified. Innocent babies deserve to be protected from those that would harm them.

As Paul Hill, who now sits on Florida's death row for protecting innocent children, once said, "Whatever is justified to save the' life of a born child is justified to save the life of an unborn child."

God spared abortionist Romalis life the first time when he was shot. God, in His mercy, spared abortionist Romalis' life once again. He has been given yet another opportunity to repent of his actions before a merciful God.

Pro-life Virginia sincerely prays for Garson Romalis, that he will repent of his baby killing and start following the Lord Jesus Christ.

Recant Christ or die. Greetings friends, I received this letter from Still Waters Revival Press. I am not sure what can be done. If we had a Christian nation, we would be able to go into Yemen and take this brother from the hands of the heathen infidels, but we have the adulterer, babykilling, sodomite pushing Clinton. If you can think of anything to do, please do it and let me know so I can do it as well.


Global News from the Frontlines




Former Muslim Given One Week to Recant Christianity or Face Execution

by Barbara G. Baker

ISTANBUL, July 5 (Compass) -- A Yemen court meted out the death penalty today to a Somali refugee for converting from Islam to Christianity, unless he recants within seven days.

Mohammed Omer Haji, 27, was given a one-week ultimatum by Adenrmations Tawahi Court to return to Islam, or face execution under Islamic law for committing apostasy.

"His situation is very serious and very dangerous," the convert's defense lawyer, Mohammed Abdul Karim Omarawi, told Compass today.

Under the court ultimatum issued by Judge Gamal Mohammed Omer, Omarawi said, his client was told to be prepared at his final hearing on July 12 to either declare three times before the judge that he was returning to Islam, or face execution.

According to Omarawi, the Yemeni legal system still allows for two final appeal motions, one before an appeals court and the other before the Supreme Court, before the verdict against Haji would be carried out.

Married with an infant son, Haji came to Yemen from his native Somalia in 1994. He is formally registered as a refugee under Case No. 11911 with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Aden.

Omarawi said that his client's file indicated Haji had become a Christian about two years ago.

According to a handwritten letter from Haji drafted after his first arrest this year, five Yemen security police detained him at his home on January 16. After 23 days in the Tawahi police station, he was transferred to security police custody, and then imprisoned in the Mansoora Jail until his release March 13.

Haji said police officials gave him no reason for his arrest except his Christian faith. They slapped and hit him, he said, declaring, "We arrested you because you are a Christian. You are George, the Christian Somali."

An article in the Islam party's "Al Sahwah" newspaper during this first imprisonment reported that Haji had declared to Tawahi police that he and his wife had embraced Christianity, and that he had changed his name from Mohammed to George. The report said documents indicated both the husband and wife had been born of Muslim parents in Somalia.

Headlined "Two Somali Refugees Embrace Christianity, Abandon Islam," the report also appeared in the February 7 issue of the "Yemen Times," an English-language weekly.

According to Haji, during his first imprisonment a UNHCR staff woman named Aisha came to question him at the Tawahi police station where he was being held. In front of the police, the woman told him, "We don't have anyone called Mohammed who believes in Christianity!"

Throughout the following weeks, Haji said he was threatened and beaten every night, "very badly," with police officers warning him they would kill him if he did not return to Islam. The officials interrogated him repeatedly about any other Somali Christians he knew, he said. "They were beating and punishing me every night, [so] I was not able even to stand and walk and even to talk," he stated.

On what the convert called "my worst night," three security officers and another three policemen masked him and took him up a high mountain at midnight. After giving him a severe beating, they vowed to throw him off the mountain if he refused to recant. "To save my life that night," Haji admitted, "I said I believe in Islam. Otherwise I would have died."

The following day, the Yemen authorities allowed another individual with UNHCR connections to talk privately with Haji. The convert said this person advised him, "No one can do anything for you. So you'd better become a Muslim to end your problems."

Haji said he refused, assuring his visitor, "God will help me and save me. I am not alone."

According to Haji, his wife has been threatened that she will also be arrested if she has any contact with churches or Christians. UNHCR officials reportedly refused her pleas for money to buy milk for the baby while her husband was under arrest.

"What crime has my baby committed?" Haji wrote in his letter. "Is it because his father is a Christian? Why the Christians don't have the right to live?"

After his release in March, Haji said the UNHCR office in Khormaksar told him they would only help him on the condition that he believe in Islam. If he continued to go to church and was arrested for that, then the UNHCR would not take responsibility for him, an official said.

Haji was subsequently re-arrested "about two months ago," said his lawyer, who could not confirm the exact date.

From Aden, UNHCR representative Mohammed Taher denied today that he knew anything about Haji's case. Claiming that the convert's refugee case number indicated it had been issued from Sana'a, the capital city, Taher said in a telephone interview, "Really, I don't know anything about this." A copy of Haji's UNHCR card obtained by Compass shows the place of issue as Aden.

Lawyer Omarawi said his client's choice is clear cut: He will live if he chooses to return to Islam, and he will die if he chooses to remain Christian. "But if he returns and says 'I return to Islam' three times, the judge will free him from the court, directly."

"I know this is very difficult for him," the lawyer said. "He says that he is a true Christian, that he believes in Christ. But this is against the constitution and criminal laws of Yemen. And the judge cannot understand this situation. His parents and all of his family, his wife, all are Muslims. How has he now become Christian?"

The Yemen Constitution declares Islam to be the state religion, with Islamic law the source of all legislation. The government forbids conversion from Islam or proselytizing by non-Muslims.

*A photo of Mohammed Omer Haji is available electronically. Contact Compass Direct for pricing and transmittal.


Illegal and Botched Abortion - Clinic Sued.

Don says: Hillcrest Clinic is the same abortion mill, that was burned by Joseph Grace, bombed by Reverend Michael Bray, shot up by John Salvi III and invaded by Reverend Donald Spitz. This abortion mill is now being sued for $850,000 after allegedly performing a botched, illegal abortion on a Newport News woman.


Ex-patient sues clinic, claiming she was injured during an illegal abortion

By MARC DAVIS, The Virginian-Pilot

NORFOLK -- A Newport News woman who claims she was seriously injured during a 1998 abortion has accused Hillcrest Clinic of performing an illegal, second-trimester abortion on her.

The woman, Chloe L. Ott, made the accusation in a lawsuit filed last week in Norfolk Circuit Court.

In the lawsuit, Ott says Virginia law allows second-trimester abortions only at licensed hospitals, and that Hillcrest is not such a facility.

Ott, a 21-year-old clerk, is suing Hillcrest Clinic Ltd. and the physician who allegedly performed the abortion, Dr. John H. Baker of Williamsburg. She seeks $500,000 in compensatory damages and $350,000 in punitive damages.

A Hillcrest spokeswoman denied that second-trimester abortions are performed at the clinic. She said they are not allowed there by law. ``We're very clear about what the legal restrictions are in Virginia,'' spokeswoman Suzette Caton said. ``We certainly abide by the laws of Virginia.''

Caton declined to answer Ott's allegations, saying that that would violate patient confidentiality.

Baker, the physician, said through an employee that he has not seen the lawsuit and cannot comment on it. In any event, he said, he could not discuss the case because that would violate patient confidentiality.

Ott's attorney said he knows of no other second-trimester abortions performed at Hillcrest, but suspects he will find more as the lawsuit progresses.

``You don't have a standard price for a procedure that you don't ordinarily perform,'' said the attorney, Kenneth L. Roberts of Newport News.

According to the lawsuit, Ott came to Hillcrest on March 16, 1998, for pregnancy counseling. She thought she was in her first trimester of pregnancy, scheduled an abortion and paid $285.

Later, she claims, Baker told her she was in the second trimester of pregnancy and that that type of abortion would cost more. She says Baker did not tell her of any additional risks associated with a second-trimester abortion. Ott says she paid an extra $75.

During the abortion, the lawsuit says, Ott was screaming in severe pain and had to be heavily sedated. The pain continued for several days.

She returned to Hillcrest two days after the abortion with complaints of nausea, vomiting and severe abdominal pain, the lawsuit says. She returned again three days later with the same complaints.

Finally, on March 25, nine days after the abortion, Ott was admitted to Mary Immaculate Hospital in Newport News, where she was diagnosed with a perforated uterus, acute abdominal distention and pain from a small bowel obstruction, the lawsuit says. She had surgery two days later but still has some stomach pain and scarring, the lawsuit says.

Ott claims that Hillcrest and Baker knew it was illegal to perform a second- trimester abortion at Hillcrest, but did so anyway. She claims that the doctor's notes and the fact that he charged her extra for a second-trimester abortion show that the abortion was done intentionally in violation of state law.

According to state law, a licensed physician can perform a second- trimester abortion ``provided such procedure is performed in a hospital licensed by the State Department of Health or under the control of the State Board of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services.''

Reach Marc Davis at 446-2303 or mdavis@pilotonline.com


Buried fetus site unearths clues


THE SUN HERALD - OCEAN SPRINGS - The attorney for the man who found aborted fetuses in a storage unit said Thursday the unit also contained office equipment marked with the name of Joseph Booker, a doctor who once performed abortions on the Coast.

"We are 100 percent pro-life, and if we had known that the storage items we were buying were from an abortion doctor, we would have never bought them to begin with," said attorney James L.Farrior III, who represents businessman J.R. Brock.

On Monday, Ocean Springs police were called to the woods behind Brock's business, Timeless Treasures at 3701 U.S.90, after receiving a tip that someone had buried human tissue there. What they uncovered was disturbing - a garbage bag filled with 36 smaller bags that contained the fetuses. It was buried about 10 inches under the ground.

Ocean Springs police would not confirm that the fetuses may have belonged to Booker and said Thursday they are still investigating. They haven't charged anyone, in part, because they are unsure whether a crime has been committed.

Booker, who operated the now-defunct Gulf Coast Women's Clinic on Three Rivers Road, is scheduled to report to prison in January for filing a false federal income tax return. He pleaded guilty earlier this year and faces five months in prison, five months house arrest and $3,000 in fines and taxes. Booker couldn't be reached for comment Thursday.

Earlier this week, Brock told police that the fetuses were among the contents of a Gulfport storage unit that he bought sight unseen at auction in the summer. Brock moved the items to a storage unit in Ocean Springs.

Over the past few months, Brock and two of his employees searched the unit and found the cooler with the fetuses inside. According to his attorney, Brock did not know he was asking his employee to bury fetuses when they came across the garbage bag in a cooler. "A worker said he found something in an ice chest that stank, and (Brock) just said, 'Get rid of it,' " Farrior said.


Brock upset by events

Brock and his wife, who helped him run the business, are very upset by the developments in the case. "They had no idea, "Farrior said. "They haven't been able to sleep this week. It's kind of a ghastly thing, and they are cooperating with the police."

Brock, 65, is retired from real estate and is an inventor and owner of the shop where he dabbles in antiques. Timeless Treasures sells items such as used motors and knickknacks. Farrior described him as easy-going in general but upset by the investigation.


Residents shocked

Some Ocean Springs residents said Thursday that they are shocked and troubled by the discovery of fetuses. Many said they were disturbed because it involved human tissue and that the burial site was near their neighborhood.

Ed Decker, pastor of Grace Independent Baptist Church, which is next to Timeless Treasures, said someone burying human tissue, especially so close to the church, "bothers me greatly."

[ Donald Spitz Commentary: " The Christians were not upset that babies were murdered - only that they were buried close to the church! ]

Three families who heard about the fetuses Wednesday afternoon approached Decker with the news. Decker knew a little information when he spoke with the church members, but he didn't learn the details until Thursday morning.

Decker plans to discuss the incident with his congregation Sunday. He will stress the value of human life and the importance of "keeping an eye on the children (while on church grounds) because we don't know what's going on next door to us."




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