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Vermont enacted "civil unions" in which sodomites can get all the legal rights of legitimate marriages. According to a sodomite-friendly article in Time Magazine 4/7/01, 2,000 such licenses have already been granted, and 80% of them are from out of state; even from the 30+ states who have already enacted "defense of marriage" laws which specifically prohibit recognition of a Vermont "civil union" license.

But while "No one in Vermont has yet filed for dissolution, clerks and local attorneys are already getting calls asking how to terminate a civil union. As it turns out, that's harder than getting hitched. Though residency isn't required for a civil union, it is to get out of one. That's a six months' stay in Vermont for at least one partner."

There are pockets of resistance to the civil unions. Half a dozen town clerks quit rather than obey the new law requiring them to offer civil union licenses. Five state legislators who supported the law were turned out at the next election. But others survived, such as the Governor. "Take back Vermont" signs sprouted in conservative farmers' yards, but efforts to overturn the law have failed.

But sodomites across America, and even around the world, come to Vermont for a license even if it is worthless back home. It is greater validation than they have had so far. "You wait all your life for something like that," says Vivienne Armstrong, a sodomite nurse from Dallas who has practiced abomination with Louise Young for 30 years. "We would have crawled to Vermont."



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