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The Last Day

By David Maccabbee

It was the last day of his life but he had not the least idea of what was in store that day. His name was Peter Britton, and he was an abortion provider at the Sunrise Women's Clinic.

He did not start out an abortionist, or set out to be one. During the time he spent in medical school, and during his tenure as an intern, he had gotten several women pregnant. The first time, he and the girl had agonized over the decision, but their minister prompted them to abort. James, their Unitarian pastor, said that the baby would go right to heaven and there would be no suffering.

They finally chose to abort the child, and Peter volunteered to help with the procedure.

The abortion seared and ripped Peter's heart. He looked at the remains of his baby. He hardened his heart, denied its cry of guilt, and tried to tell himself that he was a hero for ending the suffering the child would have faced.

His relationship with the child's mother died with his child. Peter became a full time OB/ GYM and began performing abortion all the time, telling himself that he was a hero.

In time he ran though several relationships, sacrificing more of his children on the altar of his career. He came to hate children, and would avoid them at all cost.

Soon after his first abortion, the nightmares began. He would see himself in the dream dressed like a Roman of a millennia ago. He would see himself lift a whip with many knotted ends and strike a man with thorns wrapped around his head. Then he would approach the body and whip with all his might until the man before him was completely covered with wounds. He turned and shouted something. Instantly the man was cut loose and a cross was dropped on his mangled back. Peter would watch as the man staggered, but did not fall, and waked in vain to hear the man cry out in pain as the other two had.

Peter ran with the soldiers as they secured the route to the top of a hill, where soldiers were hard at work digging holes and standing guard. Peter swore when the man silently fell under the weight of the cross. He glared around and spotted a family that stuck out like a sore thumb in the crowd. Their skin color was a dark brown, but that is not what attracted his attention. It was the peace in their faces, a special shine on each of the four faces.

In dream after repeated dream, Peter would shout out for their names, and would be given the same answer. The man of the family was named Simon, his two sons, Alexander and Rufus, and his wife's name was Sarah. They were followers of this filthy Nazarene before him, hailing from Cyrene.

Peter would grab the man, and force him to take up the cross, which he did as if it were the highest honor. Peter would alternately kick Simon and the man called Jesus until they reached the hilltop. Then Simon knelt at Jesus' feet and worshipped, as Peter grew insanely angry.

Peter would then jump and kick Simon away. Peter would feel power flow through him as he took the hammer, nail in hand, and drove the nails with all his might. Yet still Jesus was silent

When the cross was lifted and set with dirt around the base, Peter would stare at Jesus with a growing fear. Fear that turned to terror as the noon day sun was covered with darkness.

Jesus, from the cross, asked His Father to forgive, which drove a stake of guilt into his heart, so that he would scream, and his scream would wake him up.

One night, after such a dream, Peter got up and got ready for work, and the phone rang. He picked up the receiver, and a voice spoke in a somber tone. The person claimed to be a soldier in God's Army. He said he was a guardian and protector of the unborn. He said he was giving warning that if he were try to kill more babies, the LORD whom he was crucifying daily would send vengeance, swift and sure.

At the mention of crucifixion, Peter had a flashback of his recurring nightmare. Shrieking, he threw the phone. It smashed against the wall. The next thing Peter knew, he was on the floor, in the Presence of the Crucified One. A voice, almost pleading, called for him to repent. But the fear in Peter's heart turned to anger as he shrieked, "Go away! I don't want you, or anything you have to offer!"

Peter felt the searing of his soul, and then he felt no guilt.

But he felt nothing else, as well. Appearing robot-like, he got ready and drove to the mill a few miles away. Peter nodded at the policemen stationed at the entrance of the driveway, and others who were arriving. There were 20 in all, working as security during their off-hours. He signed in, scrubbed up, and got ready for his first "procedure."

The woman was propped up and ready on the table. Peter walked to the hose for the suction machine, picked it up, turned the machine on, and listened to the high pitched whirring sounds. He looked at the ultrasound as he prepared to insert the suction tube.

As he stood there, a gentle voice spoke to him. The voice told him this baby was under God's protection and it was forbidden for him to proceed. He told Peter to repent, or prepare for judgment. Out loud, Peter shouted "NO! Go to hell!" As he did this, the helpers drew back and watched as he began to thrust the tube towards the mother.

Then the room caught fire, as 12 beings strode into the room through the walls without breaking them. One grabbed Peter's arm, which snapped like a toothpick. He was held between two of these beings, who were clothed in fire and had giant wings. They also had swords which they were holding. Their hands sent a blasting white-hot pain in his arms, and suddenly he was being pulled apart. He saw his arms ripped off. Then went his legs, in seconds. As he watched, everything faded and he floated up out of his body and watched the angels at work on his helpers. One was with the woman, with one hand on her stomach and one on her head, whispering wonderful words in her ears as she wept and sobbed in remorse. The angels revealed to her how her son would be a mighty man of God who, like Joseph, would be responsible for saving millions of lives. She repented and Peter watched her be born again, both on the physical and the spiritual plane.

Then a sorrowful angel clasped manacles and shackles on to his wrists and ankles. Peter did not resist. He only wept, as he began to look at what he would never have - the Gift he had spurned again and again.

They approached a giant throne, and Peter saw Jesus. The One in his nightmares! Peter heard that beautiful voice saying, in a sad voice, "depart from me, you who are cursed go forth into an everlasting prison of eternal fire that was prepared for the devil and his angels."

Peter turned and saw the air tear open. A gulf opened up. Thousands of feet down, there was an ocean of fire with waves crashing back and forth. Peter screamed in horror as an angel picked him up and hurled him out into the void. The heat grew in intensity as he fell, faster and faster, towards the fire below. He heard shrieks of horror and pain from tormented faces which would occasionally bob to the surface. He looked down again in time to see himself enter the burning molten sulfur. As he entered, the magma engulfed him and he was in darkness. The pain was overwhelming. He began to flail and scream, but the pain only grew and grew and grew. That was when he heard the devil say, "Relax! Eternity has just started! Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!"

The End of this story, for you - the beginning of Hell, for Peter.

The story you have just read is fiction. But Jesus is very real. Peter was not sent to hell for being an abortionist, but because he rejected God's free gift of forgiveness, and of Eternal Life. You too, are on your way to hell if you have not accepted Jesus' offer to take the penalty for your sins by His Death. He wants you to turn from your sins and turn to Him, so that He can forgive you, give you new spiritual life, and adopt you as His child. You have to choose, and choose soon, because you do not know when you will die. Remember that if you reject Jesus, who inhabits Heaven, you automatically choose Hell. Please turn to Jesus today and find peace and joy for your hearts and souls.



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