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By David Maccabbee, author of "The Die is Cast", "Rescue Platoon", "Arise!", and "The Last Day"

"Let the high praise of God be in their mouth, and a two edged sword be in their hands" -- Psalm 149:6

"Therefore endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ"
--- 2 Timothy 2:3

Is this fiction? Ask any news reporter, and tell us what you find out!


The bulldozers pushed forward through the thick tangle of vines, elephant grass and palmetto trees as I watched them clear a Demilitarized Zone for 100 yards in all directions.

Then came the whistle as colored puffs of smoke arose from our perimeter defenses. The enemy flew into the clearing en-masse, accompanied by the rattle of small arms fire along with the whump and whistle of mortar rounds.

I heard a loud beeping noise, and looked to my partner as we hunched down into our foxhole to grab our gear. I sprang up over the lip of the trench with my M-16 handy to see John Pierson limp in the dozer which was rapidly bearing down on our position! It would fall in and kill us if we did not move. I looked around. We were surrounded by VC. [Vietcong -- North Vietnamese].

The machine loomed over us, as our position was overrun and we were fired upon at point blank range.

I screamed as I always did, and bolted upright in bed, as the alarm clock droned on and on.

As the sleep faded from my mind like a receding fog, I became aware of my surroundings. Birds were singing their Praises to the Lord. Coffee in the kitchen was beckoning to me with a grand aroma.

I threw on my robe and stepped over Sampson, a 1-year-old 150 lb Rottweiller asleep on the throw rug next to my bed. I almost laughed as his legs started to twitch as he seemed to chase squirrels in his dreams.

The coffee drew me past my desk where I saw a blinking mailbox flashing on the screen, announcing E-mail. But that could wait. The call for my morning "fix" of caffeine pulled me along in its grasp. I grabbed my 32 oz. Insulated Super Tanker and knocked a huge dent in my 16 cup pot. I stood and just smelled the aroma before trying to take a sip.

Ouch! My tongue and mouth were scalded as I took a drink just as Sampson bounded across the room into me. I barely managed to avoid a major spill and burn. My mouth tasted burnt and awful.

I gathered myself together with thunderclouds boiling over my head to give Sampson a royal chewing out. But I couldn't stay mad as I saw his apology. He laid on the floor with his paws crossed over his nose, and peeked out from under his paws with a look of downcast horror and repentance.

I set the cup down and got down on one knee, calling Sampson to me. He crawled over and I grabbed him in a bear hug. We rolled and romped in the kitchen. His sadness turned to joy, perhaps too easily.

It made me think of how many times, daily, that I really, really mess up. I, too, have to lay myself before my master and savior with tears and repentance. I am always amazed at the Grace God gives me, as He cleanses me from all my sins.

I got Sampson and myself a breakfast of sausage, eggs, toast, doughnuts, milk and fruit. I partook of coffee and juice, which Sampson disdained to drink. I walked to the front door and grabbed the local paper.

I was shocked to see that my barber, John Salvi, was being accused of killing people in a murder mill -- the one right down the street a mile! I had known John for some time. I enjoyed our many weekly discussions as I had my wild and rebellious hair brought into submission for another week. He was a really quiet person, but someone who did a lot of thinking.

He often told me how he had been investigating a group that was working to liberalize the Roman Catholic Church. He shared how members of this group had infiltrated all the way to the Vatican and now worked to promote their members to key positions.

I did not know what to make of it all. I was a non-denominational street preacher who leaned on the side of confusion regarding the Roman Catholic Church. I knew nothing about conspiracies. I did know many Catholics, many of whom, like John, had become good friends over the years.

Some Catholics agree that you must make a decision to repent and be born again. Others insist that their baptism, as babies, was all they needed. I looked to the Bible and tried to share what I found thee, with mixed results.

I always had a great time of discussion with John. He often took his lunch break with me as we ate at a nearby Wendy's. John insisted on Wendy's because Dave Thomas, the founder and owner, was a Christian and a major supporter of adoption.

But now I was shocked, and could only stare at his smiling face looking out at me from under those terrible words of judgment uttered by the press.

Poor John! He had barely been accused and the paper had already found him guilty and was screaming for blood! The fact that the media were crucifying him did not surprise me.

But the back stabbing by the Catholic Church, by "Christians", and by other prolifers, did. They, likewise, did not wait for evidence, but fired salvo after salvo of condemnation. I was shocked at the Catholic Church, because Salvi had shown me an article by a Catholic priest with excerpts from the Catholic Catechism. The article showed how the Catechism justified such actions as Salvi had just taken.

I finished the paper with disgust and my breakfast with relish. Sampson had long since destroyed his food and had lain down at my feet, sighing with contentment.

I got up and walked over to the computer with the rest of the coffee, leaving the machine grumbling in protest over having to produce another pot. I punched in my number and the e-mail flashed across the screen. It was a note from my friends and family in Christ, Dave and Dorothy Leach up in Des Moines, Iowa.

[Uncle Ed. Sez: we may be friends, but I must tell you that is too much coffee! No wonder your handwriting looks like it was struck by lightning! You need to repent!]

They are a couple of wonderful believers up in the Midwest who put out a very controversial, hard-hitting, truth-telling magazine covering news not found elsewhere. They publish a reader-oriented paper in which readers are urged and encouraged to be co-authors by submitting articles and news of interest. It does not matter how bland, or how extreme, the views. You were encouraged to write letters of rebuke to those espousing false doctrines. Thus many entertaining and enlightening battles of words have been waged there.

My mind returned to the present, as my computer began to beep at me impatiently. David Leach was writing to me with regard to my memos to God's Army, which I, as an officer in God's Army, had issued. He also shared news with me about what the rank and file was doing around the nation. I smiled as I read about how a murder mill had been burnt flat to the ground, leaving the authorities with no leads.

My computer began to flash again, informing me I had incoming E-mail. It was from the White House Secret Service office, coming from the desk of Dragonslayer. He wanted me to come back into the service on an urgent mission. We were to keep President Clinton under surveillance. Clinton was suspected of some pretty dirty deeds.

I told him I would think and pray about it, and get back with him. Well, I prayed for two days before God answered with a sudden termination of my current employment.

Sampson and I packed up and loaded up our gear into my Humvee and attached U-haul van, and hit the road, after turning my house over to a Crisis Pregnancy Center for use while I was away.

Traffic was crazy for most of the trip, but people almost always show respect for my tank-like Humvee. Humvees look quite capable of eating other vehicles for snacks.

I had bought the Humvee because it was about the only vehicle built to take the long and bumpy road to my hideaway cabin hidden in the mountains of upper New York.

The drive to D.C. -- "District of Criminals"", I thought with a sardonic grin -- took 12 hours, due to delays. I met with my old time friend Jacob Anderson, otherwise known as Dragonslayer. Jacob had been my superior in 'Nam and had reached the rank of Brigadier General.

He hopped into his Jeep wrangler and we took off for the Dragon's Den, his cabin up in the Appalachians just outside Washington D.C.

After the long ride into the foothills, filled with breathtaking beauty, we reached the "den" just as the sun was about ot set. We grabbed a seat on the wide covered porch and watched as the colors blazed, and ran rampant, producing a kaleidoscope of beauty.

Over the next few days I got unpacked. Both Sampson and I walked around and enjoyed the fall colors in the leaves.

One week later, all settled down, I reported to work via the small Spider helicopter provided for my use. It was always a rush to soar through the air in the tiny Spider at breakneck speeds, flying just above the treetops like we did back in the jungle.

I arrived at Annapolis and checked out a military Humvee, complete with armour and a small arsenal in the back.

It was amazing how little the office had changed since I had left in 1989. I had been with the group on duty when President Reagan was shot. I saw Brady take a bullet in the head and I helped the President get into the car. After the car left, I noticed that I had blood on me. I had thought it was Brady's. Along with my nightmares from 'Nam, that is another time that my mind brings me back to again and again.

We adjusted to the new Commander in Chief slowly. He was not real popular among the men for a number of reasons. My commander shared what we had on Clinton and I was shocked at what was coming to the surface. I learned about illicit affairs, and wondered how seriously he took his oath of office, if he could so lightly violate his oath to his wife!

I vowed a vow of my own: to keep a close eye on The Draft Dodger. ("Dodger" was actually his code name in the Service communication system.)

The job was always interesting. Clinton was greeted by protesters wherever he went. This kept us very busy for his first four years in office. I was appalled at the President's actions, both in public and in private. As a Christian I was outraged to see him hanging all over homosexuals, and being an advocate for that abdominable group. One night I saw a group of them lock themselves in the Oval Office all night long. God only knows what went on inside. We at the Service who were believers held weekly prayer meetings. We urgently besought God to touch Clinton's heart, along with his family.

One of Clinton's people I discerned as an enemy of the Lord was Janet Reno, whom we code-named "Nero". The old saying "Nero fiddled while Rome burned" came to refer to Janet Reno, who fiddled with the rights of Americans as Waco burned. Janet Nero was in over her head in the occult and had a burning hatred towards all things associated with Jesus Christ. She had been invited to one of our prayer meetings, but she called Jennifer -- the bearer of the invitation -- a brainwashed cultist who was a threat to herself and to those around her.

Reno prepared to go on a witch hunt through the service to axe all Christians from the rolls. The cut never came. I have heard only rumors why. The Secret Service is like a family; we have to be, in order to work effectively. Thus an attack on one member rouses the whole family to the side of the attacked. Yet the most amazing rumor was that Bearheart, the towering 6'8" Apache, had put a buzz in her ear. He told her that if she did not back off, she would have a terrible accident. No, it wasn't a personal thought. He could "see it in a Great Vision." Bearheart was by no stretch a Christian, but he had been getting more and more responsive to the Good News. Rumor or not, she suddenly became less outwardly hostile to us in the Service. But she redoubled her attacks on Christians around the country. As Clinton began his second term, a storm was gathering over the White House.

We at the Service began to be very concerned about the ties and conferences between the White House and China. We knew how China had poured untold millions into the Clinton election campaign, both in hard and soft money. Soon after the elections, Clinton started paying up those who had helped keep him in office. He authorized the sale of high tech equipment to the Chinese in 1998, making China the most dangerous nation on earth.

The Millennium Bug was another crisis looming on the horizon. China was hard at work updating all their computers and programs, using money made by exports to the U.S. with the aid of slave labor. The U.S., on the other hand, seemed to be taking the "ostrich" approach to the situation. Clinton did not want to talk about it, and refused to admit there was a problem.


Washington was shaken up by a soft-spoken radio talk show host and Christian psychologist, Dr. James Dobson. This much loved conservative Christian had been exalted by the Lord to a position of great influence, as the Lord had once raised up a Joseph Ben Jacob (Joseph, Son of Jacob) from the position of a slave, to prisoner, to Prime Minister of the mightiest nation on earth.

Dr. Dobson had reached the end of his rope with the Republican Party, for betraying Christians again and again. He sent an ultimatum to the party: either stand for what is right like you promised, or I will leave for the Taxpayer Party, and encourage everyone I can to do likewise.

He met with a large group, at which I was stationed for security. I heard politicians whine and complain as they offered one excuse after another. But the Doctor cut through all the deceit like a scalpel slices through flesh, and got down to the bones. He laid out conditions and requirements for the leaders to implement, in keeping with their election promises. In the end, they promised to do their best, but made no promises. This is what the public heard.

But I saw what happened afterwards.

The leaders were polite until moments after Dr. Dobson had left the room, and then they went looking for loopholes to get out of those obligations while looking as if they were hard at work trying to meet them. Not that they said that's what they were doing, of course. How could they, with a few in attendance who were sympathetic to Dobson? They simply exercised their creative juices to think of all the possible obstacles to Dobson's agenda, and once all the obstacles had paraded before them and it was time to think of solutions, they turned off their creative juices.

Dobson's sympathizers fielded every reasonable objection, but as new objections seemed more and more absurd, they left in frustration and disgust.

What happened after that was downright evil and illegal.

WAR! Part Two

Synopsis: Our anonymous hero came out of retirement from the Secret Service to keep an eye on Clinton, who is selling America to China. But while worrying about "America's enemies", he is about to hear something from "America's friends" which will create for him a new assignment. In the opening scene, he is listening to Republican congressional leaders discussing what to do with Dr. James Dobson, who has just left.


Someone stood up and demanded "what right does this right wing fanatic have to come in here like a king and make demands of us? WE are the power in this country, not self-righteous bigots like that!" Then someone boldly suggested it might be a possible option for the Doctor to have an accident. This would eliminate his threat to bring down the party in flames. I was shocked to hear many agree! I was shocked that no one stood up to squash this rebellion!

That evening I told my commander. We held a group meeting of the Washington Bureau. Many of us had a deep respect for Dr. Dobson. We agreed that we could not allow anything to happen to him or his family. We agreed that we needed to send someone to Colorado to watch over the Doctor to be his own Secret Service -- secret even to him.

I volunteered to head up this team -- a team of 27. We had to go off active duty -- we would have to do this for free, and would have to cover our own expenses.

Sampson and I were soon packed up and on our way to Colorado Springs where I was to start work at the Focus on the Family campus. I started as a volunteer, offering to help at the campus, and also on his speaking tours. I paid my own way, and did a lot of backbreaking work.

Slowly, I drew closer to the Doctor himself. I was so blessed to actually be standing watch over a truly saintly person. I respected Reagan, and would willingly have taken a bullet for him, as Brady did. But I would not have gone out of my way to do so, as I was doing now.

Over the next few months I immersed myself into my dual responsibilities. Our team loved this work, even though we had to stop several attempts on the Doctor's life. Satanists and witches from NOW were behind three of the attacks, but two had the smell of a professional hand. Both of those assassins were killed in their attempts.

After the second attempt, Dr. Dobson called several of us into his office. He had done some digging, had sent out feelers about us, and had uncovered our background. He also discerned that we had been used by God to save his life. I called in the entire team, to break cover to him. I explained why we were there, and what had been going on in the White House and Congress. He listened quietly. He sat without speaking for a few moments, looking at us each, one by one. Then, without speaking, he arose and gave each of us a hug and a handshake. Then he started praying over us all, and thanked God for sending us. He prayed for Focus on the Family, our Nation, and our nation's leaders.

Then he blew us away by stating that God had called us to this place for a special purpose. God had given Dr. Dobson the call to run for office -- the office of President! He said that he was going to run in the Taxpayer party. He said God had told him he was going to win.

But that was the good news. The bad news was that the axe of judgment was about to fall upon the nation through the Chinese. Clinton was not only aware of this impending disaster, but in his quest for power he had initiated this action that would leave him in power, with the authority of a king, backed by a massive Chinese army. Clinton refused to hear about the Millennium Bug because this would be the catalyst for the takeover!


We began preparations for the upcoming conflict. Dr. Dobson contacted Christians in the government all around the country. He used his program to teach America how to prepare for the upcoming upheavals. His guests, from around the nation, included military leaders from the militia units as well as leaders from the regular branches of the service. There were delegations from the major denominations and from the prolife movement as well.

At the capitol, conservative Republicans finally managed to get the Millennium Bug designated as the Official National Insect.

[Uncle Ed. Sez: Sorry. I couldn't resist. Actually they got it designated as a "national priority".]

Military systems were revamped, but they would not be completely ready. Communications companies were doing their best, but even with the emergency measures there would be a period of chaos. That day drew nearer and nearer, as did the first tests of candidate strength.

Dr. James Dobson announced his candidacy for president, as a member of the Taxpayer Party, with former congressman Bob Dornan as his running mate. The nation groaned. Not another conservative third party bid to split the Republican vote and catapult Algore into office!

But Dobson was the first, and always the most persistent, to warn Americans of God's judgment through the Millenium Bug. So when July 1 finally came, Fiscal Year 2,000 for the Federal government and for many corporations, and Federal bureaucracies virtually closed, sending the rest of the world economy reeling like a drunkard, the initial trickle of defections from the Republican and Democratic parties soon became a flood. Americans were ready to believe Dr. Dobson was right. Not just about the immanence of God's Judgment, but far more importantly, about the sins of Americans which demanded God's Judgment. Americans began caring about sin. Americans began rejecting the theory that sin doesn't matter as long as one "does his job". Because righteousness is part of the "job description" of every American.

Which brings us to Clinton. The dams of lies and deceit broke down. About Clinton, about Compromise, about the Y2K coverup, about China, about the horror of abortion. The Taxpayer Party swelled to the tens of millions in the space of weeks. Their war chest overflowed with both love offerings and the calculated giving which was motivated by determination to win.

Pope John Paul II urged Americans to make the right choice and to support Dr. Dobson. The same day, impeachment hearings for President Clinton began. The day's headlines took the world by storm.

Al Gore and Colin Powell represented the Democratic and Republican parties, respectively, although neither had much of a showing in the polls. Our security team was extremely active, (on Dobson's payroll now, for which we were grateful, since government paychecks were still locked up) over the next few months, as the attempts on Dr. Dobson's life increased in proportion to his rise in the polls. Here was a Christian that nobody could find dirt to stick to.

He had come to a faith in Christ as a child and had never strayed. (By human standards.) He was the son of a Nazarene pastor who had been used by God to raise up this warrior of the Lord. He was faithful and very protective of his wife and children. A righteous man, above the reproach of men.

9/9/99 was the date programmers used 30 years ago to shut down a computer for servicing. But they never got around to deprogramming that date-triggered shut-down code. So when that date arrived for real, thousands more large mainframe computers of giant and medium sized businesses froze, and the world economy reeled again. Supplies to electric utility companies became intermittent, and entire states went without electricity for days at a time until supplies could be rerouted by trucks, U-hauls, or anything utilities could get their hands on. But every vehicle pressed into service to haul coal and other supplies was a vehicle no longer available to business, so supplies of anything but necessities almost stopped. Not that it mattered, since the costs of necessities rose so high that nobody could have bought anything else anyway.

The stock market took a 500 point plunge in one day. Airplane crashes and collisions were becoming more common. Companies found themselves destitute as banking systems "crashed and burned".

The election campaign was a study in contrast. On one side there was Powell and Gore, each at each other's throats and both hurling epithets at Dr. Dobson.

On the other side was Dobson, offering a message of Hope and Restoration. He shared how, time and time again, God had brought Israel back from the brink of utter destruction, and how this God, who is still all powerful today, might do the same for America if we will just repent and turn our hearts and minds over to Him.

Repentance began with a few individuals, and swelled to an avalanche, as countless people came to the Lord in repentance, seeking the Face of the Lord. Rallies popped up everywhere, from public squares to civic arenas. The Name of Jesus was lifted, exalted, and praised by an ever growing number of tongues and voices at revival services.

It was a year before the election, but even so, the polls told an amazing story. Dobson was listed with a 68% following. Powell trailed with 22%. Gore brought up the horizon with 8%, and beyond the horizon, other candidates attracted 2%, with a plus or minus accuracy range of 2%.

As pandemonium increased, the numbers widened so much that the Republicans finally threw in the towel, revoking their candidate, leaving poor Gore to do whatever he might against Dr. Dobson. Gore refused to give up, fiercely preaching his own gospel, which markedly contrasted with the true Good News, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

President Clinton began to promote a solution to the Y2K crisis. He had identified a network of 666 supercomputers unaffected by the Millenium Bug. It was a nationwide network, connected by its own system of buried fiber optics cables, and it did not interface with corrupted computers. The network was capable of reconstructing bank records from paper records, and once in operation the system would be able to credit all depositors with at least 50% of their former deposits.

The problem was keeping corrupted data from re-entering the system. Credit cards, with their four-digit expiration codes, would destroy it. Even the magnetic strips in dollar bills would destroy it. The only solution was a new system, isolated from the old.

Clinton's idea was a tiny chip, the size of a grain of rice, planted under the skin of the wrist or forehead (where body temperature was most constant). The chip could be read by scanners, which could process all financial transactions. It was crucial, of course, that no financial transactions be conducted by any other means, since data entering bank records from any other source could infect the whole network.

America was deciding if it still wanted to be one nation under God, or one nation under God's Wrath.

Part of America's test was to see if it cared about wickedness in high places. In its role models. America finally took the step indicating it cared again. Clinton was impeached, and Algore fell with him. The Clintons and Gores immediately flew to China for refuge from further subpoenas.

President Gingrich, feeling alone, helpless, and alienated, made the wise move of asking Dr. Dobson to serve as his Chief of Staff, the highest position in the President's Cabinet. Under Dobson's direction, what was left of the U.S. Government took a righteous turn. The bureaucrats whose lust for ever higher salaries and more secure jobs, which in the past were the force behind ever expanding bureaucracy, had long since left, leaving only laborers so committed to service that they didn't mind working for very sporadic salaries, trusting God to supply their needs. Thousands of oppressive Federal agencies were officially terminated and never missed, and limited resources were then sufficient to help those who needed them.

Under the leadership of Dr. Dobson and President Gingrich, Congress finally enacted a Human Life Amendment to the Constitution by the necessary 2/3 majority, and it was quickly ratified by 3/4 of the states. The Supreme Court ruled that the ratification procedure was unconstitutional because sodomite married abortionists had been barred from hearings in two states. But Congress quickly impeached the five justices responsible, and the remaining four had little reason to delay reconsidering, and vacating, the offending decision.

At last! No more slaughtered babies! Life was once again a legal right! The War of All Wars, whose 35 million casualties dwarfed the casualties of other wars of Western civilization, was over! There was Peace!


But all was not well in America. Under the cover of darkness, the invasion of America was under preparation. The monster ships used to transport goods produced in China were stacked, no longer with toys and electrical games, but with veteran Chinese shock troops, light armor assault vehicles, attack helicopters, and missile systems. All were made ready in mammoth warehouses. Maps were checked, secret radio frequencies spattered.

By New Year's Eve, 1,000,000 soldiers had landed in Chinese-owned ports on once American soil, or were waiting in huge cargo planes at every major airport. Meanwhile the entire Chinese navy was steaming towards America with every ship they could commandeer by force of arms, loaded with the full invasion force of 30,000,000 regulars. Bill and Hillary were on the last ship, taking pleasure of their Chinese slave harem, and looking forward to Hillary's installation as Minister of the People's Republic of America.

The whole world was in the dark. Most satellites had burned out as the Millennium arrived. On midnight of the last day of 1999, at midnight, as the rest of them went out, and as computers all across America gave a startled gasp, went into erratic convulsions, and died, the attack began.

Under the cover of darkness, customs agents were quickly overwhelmed and dispatched, with no mercy shown to those who surrendered. One of them managed to flee with his life. He ran 10 blocks to the police station. But the officers who heard his story forced him to take a breathalizer, assuming he had been drinking. While trying to warn them, the doors were thrown from their hinges as Chinese shock troops poured in like an unstoppable force of nature.

To their credit, the officers, many former military men and women, made the attack costly. They fought and retreated room by room, selling the space dearly, but they could not win. The 27 valiant officers took out about 300 of the enemy before they were cut down.

They did get word out, though, and the whole New York Police Department was on its way towards a battle with 30,000 of the enemy's finest.

America's military had already been crushed. Although far better armed than local police, Clinton had so reduced their numbers and their readiness that they were easily overwhelmed by the first wave of Chinese invaders. The only battle remaining was with civilian police forces, and with a handful of militias. A few national guard units still retained some fight.

I was with President Gingrich and Dr. Dobson. We were gathered around a conference table in a prayer meeting when an agent broke into the room with the horrible news -- we were being invaded!

President Gingrich became like water. He looked to Dr. Dobson, his eyes pleading for something, anything.

Dr. Dobson, in an unusually loud, booming voice, called us all to pray now, and even more fervently. He led by example, falling to his knees, and laying on his face before the Lord. Everyone else followed suit.

Even President Gingrich. Gingrich had been worn down by years of trying to please Bible Believers, and of listening to their admonitions and sermons, and of seeing their power grow stronger than his. Gingrich's resistance was worn down by years of prayers lifted up on his behalf. So that now, when Dobson ordered him to his knees, he had no other place to turn, no other hope, no better plan; in fact, not even an alternative plan. Gingrich dropped to his knees in humiliation and repentance, pleading with God for mercy.

Dr. Dobson began to pray out loud:

"O Father, your hand of Judgment has finally fallen on our nation. We richly deserve to be destroyed completely. We have thrown you out of our public schools, our media, our workplaces, and even our government. We rejected your righteous laws and turned ourselves into gods. We sacrificed our born and unborn children to death and neglect as we made our careers and finances number one, instead of You.

"But You, Lord, are a merciful and forgiving God, quick to turn aside your wrath when hearts open to You in repentance. We have turned to you, and ask that you give this nation your guidance and protection."

We were all crying and pouring our hearts out to God, as others were doing all across the nation.

Up in heaven, God dispatched a platoon of His best warrior angels, each to a separate destination. The first arrived at the White House like a meteor from the sky. As we were in prayer, suddenly a growing terror seized my heart as I began to really see myself as a sinner, and how far from God I had strayed. Light exploded into the room and a voice bellowed "Take off your shoes, for this is now Holy Ground!" There was a patter as hundreds of shoes hit the floor. The angel towered over Dr. Dobson and the President and engulfed them in a flowing curtain of wings. He stayed that way as we all prayed and watched.

An amazing thing happened as we prayed. As we were praying, a gold vapor like a sparkling gold dust arose from each of us and went into a pouch on the angel's hip, next to a sword that must have been 10 feet long. What seemed to be an eternity later, the light instantly vanished and the angel was gone.

The President and Dr. Dobson lay motionless on the floor. I ran the few feet between us, shook them, and asked if they were OK.

President Gingrich just lifted his hands toward Heaven and spoke in tongues.

Dobson raised himself back up to his knees. His face shone with the light of the angel. He had a look of joy on his face. He told me that God had answered our prayers. We were not to fear the enemy, but God would fight this battle for us, and it would all work out to His glory.

I had serious doubts about this, for which, when I perceived them, I fell upon my face again in repentance for my unbelief. I swear that I heard a voice in my head saying "I am pleased with you, My son. Stay close to me, through My Word, and through prayer, always."

Just then the same agent who had, a short time before, frantically broken the news of the invasion, returned, his mouth gaping wide, muttering "dead -- all dead" over and over again.

My own doubts rose from the dead. My mind jumped to the worst interpretation: all the guard of Marines, stationed around the White House, all dead, and we about to be overrun. I drew my twin colt pistols and stood between the President and the door, surrounded by all the other agents in the room, who had watched me and instantly followed my lead.

Peter finally managed to get his wits about him and exclaimed that the whole invasion force was dead!

After being dispatched from Heaven, the angels had made short work of the Chinese forces. They had all just fallen over, dead!

It had not been so pleasant for the armada steaming from China. A severe storm arose, turning within moments into a typhoon that started claiming ships one by one, until they followed one another to the Deep at an amazing rate, until only the raging sea remained, which quickly returned to its calm serenity in an instant, as the Angel returned his mighty sword to his sheath.

As the news of this spread around the nation, an awe of the Lord fell upon America, and other nations shook with fear as the truth got out how God had saved America from China. Freed from its 30,000,000 Satan-driven troops, torture-tested Chinese saints picked up the abandoned reins of power and erected the real Statue of Liberty in Tiananmen Square: The Cross! They declared liberty to all China, they declared the death of Communism, they declared that God is Lord!

God granted Christian Chinese inventors a variety of solutions for computer problems. The wages of the former slaves skyrocketed.

Brushfire revivals started around the world. Countless millions came to the Lord through this mighty move of the Spirit. The Devil cursed and fumed at all of the defectors from his kingdom. He vowed to get even.

Those Americans who had prepared for the Y2K crisis had prepared in two ways: some had banded together and purchased supplies in cooperation, and when the crisis hit they cared for each other and God helped them. By working together, they were able not only to distribute supplies purchased elsewhere, but to replace some essentials through home manufacturing.

Another group of Americans had prepared by building fortresses in remote areas and protecting them with guns from having to share their blessings with those in need. These now, as the rest of the world recovered, began running out of provisions but were afraid to come out, and would shoot at those who tried to come in to help them. Like Japanese who were still fighting years after World War II was over, because they hadn't heard that their emperor had surrendered, they became a pathetic caricature of selfishness, many winding up in jail for armed robberies to procure such necessities as toilet paper.

I settled back into the Dragon's Den with Sampson, and really began to grow in the Lord. [Uncle Ed. Sez: I hope you start by cutting down on your coffee.] The scars of the nation slowly began to heal. A new generation entered the public school system, eager to be taught how God had created the World.

America's brightness grew into the Light that God had intended it to be, a beacon guiding the Lost to eternal safety.

Meanwhile the deceiver laid traps, and awaited the unwary, as he has since his fall. He will continue to seek whomsoever he may devour until his doom is pronounced, on a day that is coming soon.

David Maccabbee



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