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This is a footnote to the article, "Uncle Sam's Household Budget" by Dave Leach. This article says $4,280 was Uncle Sam's personal budget.

This is a metaphor of the U.S. federal budget, which is $428 billion, not counting the military, entitlements, or interest.

This is my own calculation based on numbers from the Treasury Department. $3.538 total outlays - $2.096 entitlements leaves $1.442 for the entire rest of government plus interest. $655 billion of that is for the military, leaving $787 billion for the rest of government plus interest. $359 billion is for interest, leaving $428 billion for the entire rest of government. Another way to calculate this is to compare the $1.089 trillion deficit with the sum of the military, $655 billion, and the rest of government, $428, which adds up to $1.083 trillion. The difference is $6 billion. Remember that entitlements plus interest exceeds revenue by $6 billion.)