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1620-When Freedom Was Reborn

God and Politics

(SLIC: Stop Legal Infanticide by Christmas)
To call abortion "legal" you have to ignore the 2004 federal law which meets the conditions of Roe's "collapse" clause, just as much as the proposed "Life at Conception Act". Lawmakers ALREADY have a legal green light to criminalize abortion as if Roe had never crawled its way up from Hell!
There is a win-win solution for every immigration problem. "Numerical limitations" are the problem.
To this day "no fault" divorce law does NOT automatically grant a divorce if either spouse asks, but requires EVIDENCE that the "legitimate objects of matrimony" really have "broken down" to the extent that "there is no reasonable likelihood of their reconciliation". Aren't children "legitimate objects of matrimony"? What if there is evidence that divorce wouldn't be in the "best interests of the children"?
A behavior which shortens lives way more than smoking ought not be encouraged by law, much less modeled by a lawmaker!
Bureaucrats farthest from children get paid the most, to tell teachers how to teach. They impose certification requirements with little correlation to actual teaching capacity, and dictate to elected school boards what positions to hire. Their meddling is a formula for failure: Iowa's 10 largest districts are 100% failures by federal standards.
Child Abuse
Child are torn from allegedly abusive parents based not on evidence "beyond reasonable doubt", but on "preponderance of the evidence". That means if 51% of me says you are guilty, and 49% thinks you are a loving parent, you are guilty, and I take your children. If we make bureaucrats wait to tear children from their homes until they are sure, children won't be torn from loving parents, homes will be safer, the DHS will have more resources to go after real abusers, and taxes will go down, which will attract employers who will create more jobs.
Mob Media
The censorship of Truth by secular news reporters and courts is nothing compared with Christian self-censorship! But maybe a few examples of what God-rejecting reporters do to Truth will help Christians see the need for their own reports.
Bible Study
This isn't about whether I understand God's Word better than others. This is about whether we, as Americans, have the right to discern, reasoning together, wisdom greater than human wisdom: because that is what America needs, especially now!
Southern Sudanese are independent of Khartoum. But its constitution is full of lavish, empty promises and empty of restraint on presidential power.
Leach 2010
(Dave Leach for IA Senate)
An out-of-the-closet Christian lost to an out-of-the-closet sodomite. But out of my defeat, I would like to offer you a strategy for your victory.

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     (Continued from top center article) The documentary above, "1620: When Freedom Was Reborn", shows how the Pilgrims planted these verses in their lives and up came the freedoms we take for granted today, spreading across America and eventually across much of the world. The world's economy exploded along with Freedom. The result is what we generally call Western Civilization.
     But on the personal level, human interaction exploded. Neighbors became partners. Servants became employees. Every dimension of friendship flowered. In America today, people walk together, talk together, play together, pray together, work together, serve together, march together, fight together more freely than anyone had for a thousand years before.
     All of this flowered because a few Christians took seriously a few friendship Bible Scriptures. Therefore it should not seem a great surprise that what most threatens America today is what also threatens the quality of our fellowship with our famlies, friends, neighbors, fellow church members, and citizens: abandoning these same friendship Bible Scriptures.

What if people would
   talk in love
when they can't yet
What if listening to
charmed as much
   as TV?
What if spouses and
   families did this?
Even neighbors
   and friends?
Even churches? And
Atheists and
What if we were slow to
   dismiss another
as beyond the reach of
   good sense?
What if what we stood for
   inspired us to practice

What if proof that
   strong words are true
were a valid
against the charge that some
   thin skinned jerk
chose to take

What if Christians and
   Americans would
reason more and
   shout less?
What if the Bible weren't
   censored while
our land asks God
   to bless?!
What if everyone had free speech to
   state the highest principles they know?
And still look forward to cooperating
   where they agree?

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"Mixing Politics and Religion the way our Founding Fathers did" - because politics without religion thinks immorality in office doesn't matter, and religion without politics is silent about the government-supported sins destroying America. Saving America, and saving her churches, can't be done separately. Never has happened.

Friendship Bible Scriptures describe discussion forums in neighborhoods and churches where we can decide together what to do about matters that matter, producing true friends and a safe, free nation.

      Bible passages on friendship first of all clarify real friendship. Ie. Pro 27:6 Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful. Lev 19:17 Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart: thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbour, and not suffer sin upon him.
     Second they make this frankness the substance of church fellowship. Ie. Heb 10:24-25 And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works: Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another... More Scriptures. (Continued at lower left) Life like a Movie
"A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand: but it [destruction] shall not come nigh [near] thee."
Psalm 91:7

      You watch movies where one person chases a thousand. Your heart follows the hero to the battle. Your adrenalin flows with his, sharing his excitement though not his danger. You expect his One hundred Christians with the Candle of God CAN chase 10,000 pagans out of the darkness. (For the Scriptures and statistics, see the top right article, starting slide #48.) But there hasn't been much chasing, because chasing information is censored on church property. victory over "impossible" odds, even when he clearly doesn't know Jesus, without Whom many things are impossible.
     But when the movie is over and you look out over the evils of America today, and even though you know Jesus alongside Whom nothing is impossible, you ask "What can one person do?" Millions chant it with you, and do nothing with you, Why has Satan invaded American public policy so thoroughly, so successfully, which in turn has invaded many churches and the lives of many church members? Duh, could it be because of censorship in church of Christian communication about driving Satan out of public policy? while evil grows, causing you and your fellow millions to lose your faith, demanding, "How could a God of Love allow so much evil in the world? God either doesn't have enough love to stop it, or enough power, or doesn't exist!" So you watch another movie.
     Did you know God has a similar complaint about you? He questions whether Christians exist, with enough love to stop evil, trusting in His power.       Job 1 illustrates God's willingness to allow freedom even to the most wicked, up to the limit of where He can turn it into a Romans 8:28 blessing for the innocent. (Job's victory through trial delivered him from his "great fear" that if he were tested he would lose his faith. Job 3:25, 1:5, 11, 35:10, Revelation 21:8.)
     But part of God's management of evil is to give you the opportunity for adventure, love, and Matthew 25:14-30 growth. This passage shows that Heaven is no retirement home; God wants people in it who are ready to roll up their sleeves and accomplish great things.Your response to God's opportunity determines whether you will experience life on earth more like the Promised Land, or more like Egypt.
     Which is true? What you believe while watching a movie, or what you say when the movie is over and someone shows you an opportunity for adventure and meaning in real life? Churches support missionaries overseas. Is there no evil in the United States meriting church support of missionaries to address it? How many would-be missionaries are told by their pastors, 'Not only will we not support you, but instead of you preaching to politicians and activists what God says about their issues, you would be better off attending more church services where you can listen to me preach to the choir'? Do you want adventure, or are you content watching others having it? You watch fictional characters have it on the most expensive screens your creditors will allow, while you accuse We 'activists' yearn for the 'Fellowship' God offers. The fellowship of decay-stopping Salt. The fellowship of searchlights on darkness. The fellowship of victory over evil. The fellowship of turning the world right side up, Acts 17:6. fellow Christians who are having it of being "fanatics" and "religious extremists".
     Do you demand that your "loving God" take over your responsibility to stop the growth of evil, so you don't have to grow? If that's what you think, never read Matthew 25:14-46. It is nothing but bad news. The first part warns what will happen if you don't grow, and the second part warns what will happen if you don't help.
     Some of your movie heroes have magical powers which you do not. But they don't have your Partner, Whose Power is infinite. Other movie heroes succeed by very ordinary abilities, and you find them believable. Many movies are documentaries: they really happened. Yet you say no such thing can happen for you. Which your lack of faith makes true. You have to have enough faith to at least try, which is the size of a mustard seed. (Mat 13:31, 17:20)
     Movie characters face danger, but the cost is always less than doing nothing. Although your adrenalin flows when you watch them, you don't worry excessively, knowing that "all things work out for good, for those that star in movies." Yet you doubt Romans 8:28, and think you will suffer less pain if you don't work in God's Harvest.
     You "believe in" the Bible, but do you believe its stories of heroes who knocked down mountains of evil with no more talent than you have? Do you believe its invitation to be like them, its instructions how, and its warnings that if you do nothing for those suffering around you, trusting God's promises to make it possible, their suffering may become yours?
     Did you think the "faith" which the Gospel requires for salvation is only enough "faith" to intellectually believe that a handful of facts are true, but not enough to take the heroic Why isn't it obvious that a nation is blessed when Christians obey God's rules for fellowship, and cursed when Christians forget them? For some of God's forgotten rules, see the top right article. actions which those truths require?
     America's freedom is the opportunity to face down a mountain of evil with minimal physical danger compared with the danger in other lands and in other eras. But there are other costs to being a hero.      The most heartbreaking thing the people whom you show the way out of their "Egypt" will tell you will be "What can one person do?" followed by their expressed doubt that God exists because there is so much evil in the world, as they flip back on their TV.

     I am looking for a church. I miss church. I have been involved in church many decades as a music leader.
     But time is too short to waste.

     John 12:35 ...Yet a little while is the light with you. Walk while ye have the light, lest darkness come upon you...
     The darkness of this culture desperately needs light. Our land is about to collapse without it. Where can I find a church willing to shine into this darkness?
     John 9:4 I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.
     How I would love help shining the Light of the Scriptures which define the darkness of this culture! But until I find such a church, I need to stay at home and shine what light I can through the internet. The need is too desperate. Time too precious, to allow this mountain to stand, while battle rages outside the bushel.

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How can a restrictionist go to Heaven?

How is it possible for a restrictionist (who wants further restrictions on legal immigration) to go to Heaven - even if he has "accepted Jesus into his heart"? How can that be possible when Jesus could not more clearly have said people who will not "take in" the "stranger" (immigrant) will go to Hell?

Border Children Documentary coming

A coming documentary by promises to prove that the border kids are "tied" to drug gangs, they are seriously diseased, and they overwhelm border agents. Here is what the film apparently will not tell you.

"For I Was a Stranger" debate (part 1)

I've been having a lot of fun this week, in debate about what the Word of God says about immigrants, and in particular any duty Christians have towards the children immigrating to Texas now. It seems it is impossible to discuss whether Matthew 25:43 actually warns Christians of Hell for not "taking in" or "receiving" immigrants, that being in Jesus' mind whether we "receive" Jesus Himself, without discussing whether any warning in the Bible ought to concern any Christian since the Christian is going to Heaven no matter what he does, having "believed" or "received" as minimally required by God.


     Pastors sometimes complain that the Gospel is treated like a spectator sport. The coach takes his team to the stadium, where the coach goes out on the field and plays against the devil's team while his own team sits in the bleachers and watches. Do you wish your congregation were more involved with the Gospel?

Bible Answers

"The mission of the church doesn't include politics." Presentation. Biblical evidence that God calls us to Worship Him with not only discussion of government-promoted sin, but with a "multitude of counselors" on every Biblical topic - and not only within a church, but between the churches of each city, across denominational lines. (PDF)

"Voting isn't spiritual. Jesus didn't vote. Voting intelligently is fanaticism." (Web page) Oh? Half of America's Christians vote Democrat, doing several things to this nation which God warns will send souls to Hell. The other half demands Mark of the Beast national tracking technology (ever-evolving Real ID Act aka E-Verify) as fast as possible to keep "the stranger" unwelcome, which Matthew 25:41, 46 warns is a ticket to Hell! Have we no Mark 10:16 duty to wise up? PDF)

"Jesus never got
involved in politics"
Oh? Half the Gospels were Jesus' sermons to Palestine's political rulers. (PDF) (Web page)

"Politics is not part of The Gospel"
Uh, most of our Examples of Faith, in Hebrews 11, changed their governments. (PDF) (Web page)

"We need to get people to receive Jesus into their hearts. Then they will know what to do." Indeed? Then why do we need pastors for saved people? It is difficult to vote to promote sin, and yet remain free of it, and abhor its tentacles snaking through community, Church, and family. Likewise, church consideration of what God says to do about what God calls sin, will not just shine light outside the church but will help immunize members against sin. Taking a stand against sin greatly strengthens one's resolve to resist it.

Life like a Movie
For the details of this sign which I am preparing to post outside my retail store, The Family Music Center, at 4110 SW 9th, Des Moines, Iowa 50315, see www.Saltshaker.US/BibleStudies/GodsViews.pdf. My explanation begins with a little story about a couple of previous similarly "offensive" signs posted by two churches, and what the city did to them.
     Americans are told "never talk about Politics or Religion" if they don't want to spoil lukewarm friendships that limit passion to frivolity, but God offers Fellowship. (See Bible studies in right column, and the documentary, upper left.)
     Christians are told to never organize against government-promoted sins exposed in their sermons on church property where "Bible" is spoken freely, (which has been "controversial" since 1954), so they have to work with strangers with unfamiliar theologies who have not been moved by the same sermons.
     Let's study God's standards of right and wrong, as applied to issues before our community - to stand against corruption (sin) and for justice (righteousness) - within first, and then without.

     Matthew 7:5 ... first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye. 1 Corinthians 9:27 But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.      
     2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face,
and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Click here for a PDF of Saltshaker Operation (How to handle Philosophical, Theological, and Logistical challenges), Saltshaker History (Brief History of the Fall of Freedom of Religious Expression in America), and a Bible Study on "Salt", as well as the Mission statement above. (15 pages)

An eBook (pdf

A very cool tract you can print 

"Christians have no business in politics."
When politicians get involved in sin, the Gospel cries out to “get involved in politics”.

"Politics is dirty. Christians should separate from it."
The way to avoid soiling by"dirty politics" is not by calling it "too dirty to clean", but by cleaning it! Matthew 9:10-13.

(The following are not yet posted; I'll post them when I get a Round Tuit or if someone tells me they would actually like to read one of them.)

"The Bible says not to
offend church members"

"We are to PRAY for our leaders, not LOBBY them"

"The Bible says to go along with whatever our government says up until it says not to preach the Gospel"

"The Bible says 'come out from among politics, and be ye separate from them'"

"If laymen try to do something in their community about the same sins that their pastor just preached about, that will OFFEND church members"

"'Pastors and teachers' (Eph 4:11) needn't hear from the gift of 'governments' (1 Cor 12:28) to know how to preach and teach relevant to where Satan is most directly attacking the flock."

Order the complete book: "The Gift of 'Governments'" (1 Cor 12:28)

There is no Biblical precedent for using endorsements as a condition before Christians will listen to one another. Doctrinal statements are not a condition for joining the discussion here, because they aren't a condition for joining the discussion in 1 Cor 14:25-26.

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