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God offers Hope to Hispanics! In His pages are solutions to every immigration problem. God loves citizens and immigrants equally. His solutions are for all of us. They are practical. They work. He is not stupid to think so. America needs to pay attention so we can stop kicking thorns barefooted (Acts 9:6). Keeping the grand promises of the Statute of Liberty are the smartest thing citizens can do for themselves.

Immigration Songs

Please Define "Amnesty!" Can someone show me a definition of "amnesty" so clear that two people can compare it with an immigration plan and agree whether the word applies? Senator Arlen Specter agrees with me; during the Immigration Compromise debate in 2007, he said they went about as far as they could go to punish immigrants, in order to avoid having the legislation labeled "amnesty", in vain; the word appears to be like "beauty"; in the eye of the beholder. This song lays out the problem.
"Get In Line Like Everybody Else!""

"Get In Line!"Free MP3 of a song that answers the demand of conservative leaders that "illegals" should "get in line like everybody else!" -- not copyrighted, so you can share! Click on title for an introductory page with lyrics, background information, and a link to the MP3 file.

Dave Leach Faces Radio Talk Show Hosts

Jan Mickelson Show, WHO Radio, 1140AM, Des Moines Iowa Dave Leach spent 90 minutes (58 minutes without commercials) 8/24/7 on the Immigration Scriptures, presenting an immigration vision opposite Jan's. It was great!<|>

Dan Rivers, host on WKBN, interview on December 31, 2007. (Transcript and related article,"Taking American Jobs".) 17 minutes. Dan said citizens can get $20 an hour hanging a fender on an assembly line in his town, but immigrants can do just as good a job after a few days, and are willing to do it for a lot less. That's not fair. Also, how can we afford Medicaid for these people? Are we just not going to take care of them? But if we take care of them, how can we afford it - they can't, since we are paying them so little? <|>

Interview with Gary Sutton, WSBA, 910 AM, Ohio 1/4/2008. Gary submitted the same conundrum as Dan, about hospital bills. He cautioned about overuse of Scripture but agreed when it was quoted. He wishes unauthorized immigrants weren't forced into a subclass, but doesn't think we can repeal the Numerical Limitations, which I believe force them there. <|>

Mitch Jeserich interview on KPSA December 30, 2007 (Airing in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Alaska, Mexico through the Pacifica network). This hour-long interview was mostly about the Iowa caucus. I didn't talk about immigration until about the last quarter. I briefly laid out my plan, starting with the fact already stated that Iowans are leaving Iowa (for California, or similarly crowded places) which illustrates that no one lives as if we are approaching an unsustainable population. <|>

On the same network: Terrence McNally interview on KPFK January 3, 2008. <|> (Click these links to listen now without downloading, or right click and select "save target as" to download the file to your hard drive for listening later.)

Rush Sees Immigration Reform Problem, Chokes on Solution (Report on a conversation Friday, April 1, 2005, 1:40 EST, between Rush Limbaugh and his caller, Dave Leach of Des Moines Iowa.)

Jan Mickelson Show

WHO Radio, 1040 AM <> Des Moines Iowa 3/11/05 <> Transcript and analysis by Dave Leach; subject, US immigration reform.

Jan Mickelson based his argument on this official transcript of the U.S. House subcommittee on Immigration, which studied, in 1997, whether children born in the U.S. of parents not legally here are really citizens according to the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. The copy here has the "meat" highlighted in red, and the irrelevant portions in a smaller font. My own editorial comment is in blue.

Immigration Politics Bilingual

Immigration attorney Michael Said of Des Moines illustrates the dysfunction of immigration laws by answering callers to "Immigration Politics Bilingual" on La Reina 1260 AM, and expresses his frustration that one reason it isn't being fixed is "Latinos don't vote enough." (Read transcript)

Gary Johnson, Republican presidential candidate, spoke about his immigration policy with a Spanish speaking radio audience through an interpreter, on the "Immigration Politics Bilingual" show hosted by Dave Leach on La Reina radio (AM) in Iowa. For a bilingual newspaper article with the highlights from this show, see www.TequilaPartyOnline.US/LatinoArticles.pdf.

Legal Arguments in Defense of "illegals" who have broken no laws

Millions whom we call "illegals" have violated no laws, and our laws are impossible for them to obey by leaving because no other country will receive them. Federal courts are divided on whether to jail them for the rest of their lives just for existing, since they have committed no crimes. These legal arguments say the only thing "illegal" here is the laws that created this mess. After a summary of the arguments, immigration attorney Michael Said of Des Moines, Iowa comments on it. (The Said interview begins at 36 minutes, 51 seconds into the show)

The following video is about RATIONING LIBERTY. In other words, immigration laws that determine who violates them, not by anyone’s actions or qualifications, but by who gets an UnLucky Number under our system of Numerical Limitations. For example, 2.7 million of those we call "illegal" were brought here as babies or children with no say in being brought here, whom our laws do not count as "culpable" or legally responsible for being here. Many of these are not citizens of any other country either, so it is impossible for them to bring themselves into compliance with our laws even after they become adults. And our Numerical Limitations leave them no opportunity to become "legal". As the Supreme Court said in 1952, HARISIADES v. SHAUGHNESSY, 342 U.S. 580, 599, our issue is "whether whole classes of people, for no crime other than their race and birthplace, may be driven from our territory." We violate the 14th Amendment's "equal protection of the laws", 5th Amendment "due process", (which doesn't allow us to RATION fundamental constitutional rights but requires us to give them, in equal measure, to all U.S. residents), our Declaration of Independence which says "all men are created equal, and are endowed by their creator with unalienable rights, among which are...Liberty....", and Luke 11:46.

Judge Roy Moore on the Unconstitutionality of Numerical Immigration Limits (Part 1)Judge Roy Moore laughed at the idea of RATIONING LIBERTY to 1% of a population group, but that is the essence of our immigration laws. The famous "10 Commandments Judge" who was considering a run for president, agreed it is unconstitutional to deny fundamental rights like liberty, even for the "government purpose" of reducing the population

Judge Roy Moore and that Controversial Word "Jurisdiction" (Part 2) The 14th Amendment says any baby born in the U.S. and "subject to the jurisdiction thereof" is a citizen. U.S. presidential candidate Judge Roy Moore, "the 10 Commandments Judge", says "jurisdiction" means if you violate laws with "jurisdiction" over you, you can be arrested. Anti-immigrants insist babies of "illegals" are NOT subject to U.S. jurisdiction because their PARENTS are not loyal to the U.S. Moore shakes his head at this redefinition. If anti-immigrants succeed in this redefinition of "jurisdiction", it will end not only the birthright clause but the "equal protection" clause two sentences later, which will make slavery once again constitutional.

A 12-year-old tells what it's like to live with insults and in fear of losing your parents. News about immigration battles in legislatures. It's getting ugly in Arizona, with critics arrested just for coming to the state capitol!

WHO talk show host Simon Conway, an immigrant from England who has no patience for desperate immigrants from other places who can find no way to come legally, debates immigration attorney Michael Said.

Summary: Somos Republicans have had several victories in several state legislatures this past week! And Shawna Ford, national Minuteman leader, has been convicted of murder, with Minuteman spokespersons insisting like Peter that they never knew her.
Summary: Bilingual Somos Republican News Chapter 4, February 12, 2011 (the following links are excerpts from the above 58 minute show): Statement read by Bob Quasius to legislative committee in Nebraska. Bob reads his statement that he  read to the Nebraska lawmakers. Alex Rios' translation into Spanish <> News article about the statement Bob Quasius’ reading of the news story, in English. Alex’s translation of it into Spanish. <>Dave Leach's analysis of Iowa SF102, which requires one policeman in every Iowa county to learn how to turn in Hispanics he suspects of being "illegals" (without racial profiling); it also requires every employer to check every employee's citizenship status through a national database that has over 12 million no-match errors in it that regard citizens; it also denies benefits to undocumented immigrants, and asks the Secretary of State to report to the legislature how many citizens are wrongly denied benefits. Dave Leach reading his analysis of SF102, with Alex translating as we go:

Posted Jan 30, 2011: Immigration News as of Jan 29: Brenda Council, the Nebraska Democrat who introduced the Utah Compact, being copied by other states, (a resolution stating why states aren't in the immigration business), isn't admitting that she got the draft from Somos Republicans. <> On the day Arizona Republican lawmaker Russell Pearce announced he was introducing a bill to deny citizenship to babies born here to undocumented parents, Somos Republicans announced a petition drive to remove him through a recall election. <> Let's decide one thing: can we agree any real immigration reform demands not just "reasonable increase" of Numerical Limitations, but their REPEAL?

Short featurettes: Repeal Numerical Limitations if we are serious about national security and every other immigration problem <> The HF27 Iowa Nightmare! If HF27 becomes law, authorizing one policeman per Iowa county to report to immigration when he suspects someone might be "illegal", two groups will pay heavily: (1) immigrants, and (2) everyone else. <> "A Traitor to his Race" A Hispanic Democrat union organizer publicly says any Hispanic who votes Republican is a "traitor to his race". A Republican response.
One hour TV shows:

First aired on Mediacom Jan 29, 2011. News: HF 27 was introduced in the Iowa Legislature last week. Contact State Representative Glen Massie at He is the subcommittee chairman. A Hispanic leader says any Hispanic who votes Republican is a "traitor to his race". A Republican response. News about the Minuteman Trial in Arizona, progress in Nebraska.

(First aired 1/22/11)Did you know the trial for the leader of the Minutemen, for killing Hispanic citizens during a robbery, began last week? Do you understand how redefining "jurisdiction", in order to end "birthright citizenship", would change the only phrase in the Constitution that prevents enslaving "illegals"? After 15 years, the Uncle Ed. Show is going bilingual. (posted 1/16/2011; First airing on Mediacom of Central Iowa, Jan 22, 2011

Brandon Howse does NOT present Biblical view of Immigration policy, says Dave Leach
WorldviewWeekend is Brandon Howse's name for his website, national radio ministry, and evangelistic services at the nation's largest Bible believing churches. He offers a Biblical Worldview of national public policy and political issues. The first I heard him talk about immigration was December 15 when he posted a 15 minute video on his website. But in all that time, he showed us only one verse about how God says to treat immigrants. And even that one verse, he imagines to mean the opposite of what the verse directly says.

Opportunity for Immigration Understanding
Latinos in Iowa have a wonderful opportunity to end all the unproductive talk in the Republican party. Republican presidential candidates will soon descend on Iowa, hiring workers and looking for volunteers. This is the time for Republicans and Latinos to get to know each other. Interview with Bob Quasius, organizer for Somos ("We Are") Republicans.

Dave Leach with Bob Quasius, midwest outreach director of Somos Republicans, whose letter to Republican leaders is credited by the Huffington Post and Omaha World Herald for demoting Iowa Congressman Steve King from chairing the immigration subcommittee of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee January 7, 2011. We discuss "birthright citizenship" which King wants to end. In part two we document the financial connection between FAIR, which provides King all his "facts", and population control abortionists.

Two articles published in Spanish in El Enfoque, during my 2010 race for Iowa Senate, are read by me (Dave Leach) in English. Featured TV Shows:
Somos ("We Are") Republicans Dave Leach, with Bob Quasius who is with Somos Republicans. They are attacking the unproductive rhetoric in the Republican party from within, and are reaching out to Latinos, most of whom are conservative but are driven from Republicans by the rhetoric. Somos Republicans, Episode 1 (Filmed 12/18/2010) <|>Immigration Game, the Movie Download and/or watch this 108 Mg, 45 minute movie (a .wmv file) of Des Moines immigration attorney Ferzana Hashmi's first life-size Immigration Game. A roll of the dice determines from four countries competed: Norway and Mexico came illegally, while China and Kenya came legally. The first family to reunite in the U.S. (after years of waiting for the Head of Household to come alone and become a citizen) in less than 10 years wins. Kenya was doing fine until, almost to the end, the Head of It doesn't take very many deaths of heads of households from crossing the border, to pretty well ruin the chances of family reunification in the U.S.<|> 58 minute show: Lori Chesser, Des Moines Immigration attorney, one hour interview; overview of immigration facts. First aired 6/9/7, just before the Immigration Compromise bill was defeated in the U.S. Senate.

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