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Abortion Articles below: Abortionists' Customers on TV (My Lawsuit against Mediacom) <> How Iowa Lawmakers Can Stop Abortion <> Stenberg v. Carhart, Champion of Partial Birth <> Study Shows Link Between Mental Health Problems and Abortion <> I do not ADVOCATE "violence" (to prevent abortion). Never have. (Position statement of Dave Leach, Candidate <> The Brockhoeft Report. (Book by Johnny Brockhoeft, who burned down the abortuary that pioneered the Partial Birth Abortion) <> Pro (innocent) Life Violence: The Debates <> The Army of God (AOG) Answers its Critics: Answers by Uncle Ed., AOG Secretary General <> Movie: Uncle Ed., speaking on anthrax threats at abortion centers <> HBO documentary: Army of God <> Spittin' Spitz' News Updates <> Is "Post-Natal Abortion" funny? <> ACCESS <> Text of Floor Statement of Honorable Henry J. Hyde. Consideration of the Veto Message on HR 1122, Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act, July 23, 1998 <> Family Research Council Covets Bray's publicity <> Mike Bray Responds to 60 Minutes Interview <> The Conviction of Paul Hill <> The Anti-Roe Brief that Scared the Justice Department - as indicated by them asking the Supreme Court for 2 (count 'em) TWO 60-day extensions of time to respond! <> Why I Shot John Britton <> Family Petition <> The Army of God Manual

Introduction: Are abortions serious enough to justify effective actions to prevent hundreds of them immediately? Be careful how you answer, because so far, the only way to save hundreds, arguably thousands of unborn lives, now, has been to destroy abortion buildings or kill abortionists. ("Sidewalk Counselors" likewise save hundreds of lives, over the years, but not immediately. Does it matter whether lives are saved "now"? Well, it does to the million and a half slain every year!) "NO!" shout 99.99% of Americans, and the loudest are "prolife" leaders. "Abortion is not that serious!"

The Prayer & Action News has hosted Bible discussion of this subject since 1993. The debate has been wide open, with those for and against eloquently offering their arguments. Those for force have produced the overwhelming preponderance of articles and books full of Scriptures and reasoning; by contrast, those against produce media sound bites. I have never seen a book, or even something so lengthy as an article, from those opposed to force, that addresses the Scripture studies published by those who favor it.

But I have actively solicited opposing views. When U.S. Marshals were posted 24 hours a day in the Planned Parenthood parking lot, and the Des Moines Register actually reported it was because of ME, and not even that I myself might take action but that someone might read my magazine and take action(!), I begged for opposing views in an "Offer to All Abortionists" and sent copies to Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa, local U.S. Marshall leader Phyllis Henry, Janet Reno who was heavily investigating anti-abortion violence, and Bill Clinton. Since then I've heard scattered reports that abortionists quite far away have read or at least publicly quoted the P&A! So I know they know about this offer. But no one has ever responded!

I even challenged them by putting a countdown banner at the bottom of our front page. By our April/C/1995 AD issue it said this: "268 incredible days since U.S. Marshals were posted 7/29/1994 in the PP parking lot 12 hours a day to stop the P&A's threatening word processor. (They camped 24 hours a day until somewhere around Halloween.) 251 days since our 8/15/1994 invitation to any abortionist in America willing to refute, in free P&A space, the P&A's threatening distortions. [as of 4/20/95] My last countdown banner was June 1996 AD: 709 days, 692 days, and an abortionist said he would respond if we sent him back issues so he would know what to respond to. We sent the back issues. He never responded.

I'm serious. If you do not agree with us, I am very anxious to know why, and I will give you the most fair forum you could possibly imagine, whose readers will be the very people you are most concerned about. If I thought waving a red flag would get you to engage, I'd wave it. Meanwhile all I can tell you is that my primary reason for wanting to hear from the opposition is for the safety of my own soul: I want to test the accuracy of my position against every conceivable challenge. I don't want to arrive on Judgment Day only to discover facts, arguments, or Scriptures I had overlooked. But every day that goes by with no response reinforces my confidence in the irrefutability of my positions.

"The suppression of evidence ought always to be taken for the strongest evidence."

---(From the John Peter Zenger trial, which established Freedom of the Press in America. The Governor of New York, appointed by the English King, (before the Revolution), accused a newspaper of libel for criticizing the governor. The newspaper said, but the accusations are true. The governor said, it doesn't matter whether it was true. It was libel. The issue before the jury was whether telling the truth is a crime, if the truth is unpleasant. Today prolife leaders and Christian politicians, if not pastors, say "it doesn't matter whether it is Biblical! It is unacceptable! It is unacceptable, meaning it is controversial! It is controversial, meaning the local Planned Barrenhood butcher will get a full page in the newspaper to call us names.)

Now here are a few of the dozens of debates and analysis from back issues of the Prayer & Action News:



Abortionists' Customers on TV (My Lawsuit against Mediacom) It's Planned Parenthood's Jill June, not me, who risked jail for a legally unsound definition of "patient privacy".

<> How Iowa Lawmakers Can Stop Abortion Iowa's "necessity defense" says any action that saves someone from serious injury is not against the law. If it is amended so the seriousness of the injury is treated as a "fact issue", to be decided by the jury, then people who block abortion doors would be able to say abortion is a "serious injury" and juries would decide if it is, instead of judges. Explanation/Endorsement of Joe Scheidler, Pro Life Action League, Chicago, Defendant in the 16-year-long "NOW vs. Scheidler" case which is now before the U.S. Supreme Court:

"There's a private swimming pool not far from our office with a 'no trespassing' sign on it. But if I saw a toddler thrashing around in the water, I'd jump the fence and try to save him. That's the necessity defense. It sets aside the letter of the law for the spirit of the law. In any other situation besides abortion, the necessity of trespassing to save lives would be accepted in a flash. But the so called 'right to privacy' has blinded our judges. But if you present the facts of the humanity of a child to a jury, they are much more likely to accept the reality of the defense.

"The Necessity defense was our legal ace in the hole from the earliest days of clinic blockades. One of the major reasons we allowed ourselves to be arrested was to try the necessity defense. It is still real law, which presents a fact issue to the juries. Anything that makes that clear will be a powerful tool.

"We should have kept our focus on this defense, but we haven't, so today most lawyers laugh if you bring it up. But a lot of water has gone over the dam since then, from cloning to the sale of baby body parts. The public may be ready to see the defense tried now. Public education on the child's humanity is crucial. That is why this initiative to spell out the necessity defense is valuable even before it is passed. It won't work if you don't try, and I am willing to help." (Cont'd inside) (Begins with a one-minute TV Ad script summarizing the issue)

Additional endorsements: "If this passes, it could facilitate the closing of every abortion clinic in Iowa." Chuck Hurley, head of Iowa Family Policy Center (Iowa branch of Dobson's Focus on the Family), attorney, former head of the Iowa House Judiciary Committee. (But he doesn't think it would pass, and I agree that at present, I see no spark plug in the legislature capable of igniting public interest.) "That sounds like something you would come up with!" Ruth Kabitzke, organizer of Life Chain in Des Moines

 <> Stenberg v. Carhart, Champion of Partial Birth This is the decision that overturned the Partial Birth Bans of 30 states! With translation by Uncle Ed. Read for yourself the grisly descriptions of what mothers must retain the "constitutional right" to do, in order to preserve their "dignity". Read with what twisted logic the Court says, on the one hand, that states still have a "legitimate interest" in preserving the lives of babies old enough to live outside the womb (the age of "viability") and then on the other hand prevents the states from banning the most barbaric of all abortions, the abortion method used to grab for Death every last unborn baby, right up until the very day of natural birth!

Study Shows Link Between Mental Health Problems and Abortion August 16, 2002 ( - Women who have abortions have a much higher risk for developing psychiatric problems (in addition to the one that made abortion seem like a legitimate "choice") in the months following the procedure than those who give birth, according to a study in the American Journal for Orthopsychiatry

The Brockhoeft Report. Martin Haskill operated an abortion "clinic" in Cincinnati, Ohio where he pioneered the most barbaric of all abortion methods: the "partial birth" abortion, popularly known through the "scissors in the baby's brain" diagrams. Johnny Brockhoeft burned it down, 15 edge-of-your-seat chapters. Follow him as love and reason cut off all escape: share his dread as he faces the actions they require. Also: gripping fiction and American history. "The Brockhoeft Report" is a collection of about 15 chapters which Johnny wrote for the Prayer & Action News during 15 months between 1993 and 1995, during which time Shelley Shannon shot George Tiller's arms, and Paul Hill shot and killed killer John Britton. Johnny's writing is as eloquent as Martin Haskill's murders are barbaric. He fully explains what brought him to the place, mentally and spiritually, where he felt compelled to burn down Haskill's abomination. This book is required reading for anyone inclined to criticize those who have used force to prevent abortion. Before you think you can dismiss, with a single sentence, any spiritual value to effective efforts to save lives, you need to face Johnny's reasoning and see where you can find anything wrong with it. (The name "The Brockhoeft Report" is reminiscent of a prime time network news show of the same name, with a different spelling, during the '60's.)

I do not ADVOCATE "violence" (to prevent abortion). Never have.

Position statement of Dave Leach, Candidate


Intro: The statements of OTHERS who have been associated with prolife violence: Johnny Brockhoeft, Jonathan O'Toole

A. Understanding "violence".

B. "Advocating" and "justifying" (or "refusing to condemn"). The endorsement of this nonviolent approach, by a man who once used violence.

C. "I don't want anyone to use force to stop abortion, because I need the help of anyone that willing to sacrificially help the unborn, to pass an Iowa law that will stop ALL abortions." But he does not take life seriously who condemns physically stopping the most brutal, violent murder in America today! He cares not about violence who sees it not in tearing unborn babies limb from limb but only in physically stopping it!

D. Why this plan for stopping abortion, which requires public understanding of the Necessity Defense, will be threatened if prolifers continue accusing, of being lawbreakers, those who have forcibly prevented abortion, as if the Necessity Defense were not the Law of the Land.

(To Complete Article)

<> The Army of God (AOG) Answers its Critics: Answers by Uncle Ed., AOG Secretary General I had no idea. Don Spitz. General of the Army of God. Gives all the orders for folks like Paul Hill, Shelley Shannon, Eric Rudolph, and Clayton Waagner. I'd known Don for years, but I never suspected. Just goes to show what you can learn on The News. There it was on 20/20. (November 28, 2001 AD.) <> Installment #2 of answers, posted January 2002.

Movie: Uncle Ed., speaking on anthrax threats at abortion centers

Pro (innocent) Life

<> HBO documentary: Army of God Skewing the Truth in all Sincerity: A Case Study The March, 2001 HBO Documentary, "Soldiers in the Army of God", analyzed by Dave Leach who was there and included in the documentary, with perspectives of several others who were included

<> Spittin' Spitz' News Updates

<> Is "Post-Natal Abortion" funny? A web-site happily anticipates legalization of "post-natal abortion"; in other words, the murder of born children. The rhetoric is so like that in support of prenatal abortion, that friends wonder if the webmaster is serious or sarcastic. There are lessons for us in confusion like this.

<> ACCESS Life Dynamics has a plan to chip away at abortion by discouraging new doctors from joining the ranks of Hell. Promising strategies, interesting statistics.

<> Text of Floor Statement of Honorable Henry J. Hyde. Consideration of the Veto Message on HR 1122, Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act, July 23, 1998

<> Family Research Council Covets Bray's publicity I always thought James Dobson's "Family Research Council" was enough of a media heavy hitter that it didn't need to be jealous of a little bit of limelight given one man.

<> Mike Bray Responds to 60 Minutes InterviewThe Inconsistency of proclaiming "abortion is murder, but those who act like it are fanatics" <> Randall Terry's perspective of the event

 Our Lawless Courts

(When judges don't even honor God's laws, why should we be surprised when they don't even honor their own laws?)

<> The Conviction of Paul Hill Readable analysis of the court's violations of its own laws in its rush to declare Paul Hill a lawbreaker. This is Uncle Ed.'s letter to the clemency board which reviewed Hill's case. The board has put off deciding for at least two years longer than usual. (Hill was executed September, 2003)

<> The Anti-Roe Brief that Scared the Justice Department - as indicated by them asking the Supreme Court for 2 (count 'em) TWO 60-day extensions of time to respond! Written by Regina Dinwiddie and Uncle Ed. to appeal the lower court FACE suit against her for Biblical warnings, which the court construed as personal threats. When Regina called the Supreme Court Clerk of Court office, to inquire about the highly unusual 60-day delays, the clerk seemed familiar with her case, which is in itself highly unusual. The delays occurred during the period the Court was considering another prolife case, which it eventually heard. The other case was far narrower in its scope, involving only picketting, while our case went to the heart of the mistakes of Roe v. Wade. Regina concludes from all this that the Justice Department was afraid of letting her case before the Court, so they delayed the Court's ability to accept the case until they had already accepted the other case; and no one expects the Court to hear more than one prolife case in a single term.

<>Why I shot John Britton Paul Hill shares his thoughts and feelings leading up to the day he killed a serial abortionist on his way to sacrificing another daily quota of 30 fresh corpses.


The Army of God Manual The anonymously published book seized from witnesses by the Virginia Grand Jury for a solid year, until the Prayer & Action News reprinted it, giving the jury someone to sue if they thought they had a case against its publication. The manual has maybe a thousandth of the ballistics knowledge available from U.S. Army books sold by the millions to army surplus stores, but Grand Juries aren't trying to intimidate the U.S. Army. For the text of this classic, and several articles by and for those who have used it, check out (You will be leaving this website, so don't forget your way back!)


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