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 Hispanic Hope
---Immigration is our Strength
---Why is America More Free?
---Sudan Solution! (Proposed Constitution for a new, free Sudan, modeled after the U.S. Constitution)
---The Sudan News (not yet created)
America's Holocausts
---Uncle Ed. Show tape offers
---Help me Stop the Violence
---|-Introduction to the debates
---|---My Lawsuit Against Mediacom (over photos showing abortion customers and victims)
---|---|---Articles and cases cable access TV precedents
---|---|---10/15/02 Original Complaint (the first paper I filed in court)
---|---|---10/30/02 Mediacom's Response
---|---|---11/18/02 Stipulations (facts agreed to by both parties)
---|---|---11/19/02 My Trial Brief (Filed one day before trial)
---|---|---11/20/02 Mediacom's Trial Brief (given me as I walked into court)
---|---|---11/20/02 Trial Notes taken by my wife
---|---|---11/30/02 My Final Brief (on the merits), responding to Mediacom's brief
---|---|---The Censorship Chronicles Timeline of events preceding the lawsuit
---|---|---Da Gangstas at da House of Moida Script of video explaining the issues
---|---How Iowa Lawmakers Can Stop Abortion (if one can be found with a spine)
---|---Champion of Partial Birth The Stenberg v. Carhart decision, with comments
---|---Study: abortion causes mental health problems 
---|---The Brockhoeft Report (Johnny Brockhoeft burned down the clinic that pioneered Partial Birth abortion)
---|---|---Chapter One: The Facts that made Johnny a Fanatic
---|---|---Two: The Psychology and Illegality of Abortion
---|---|---Three: Nurturing a heart for Action
---|---|---Four: The Army of God
---|---|---Five: Johnny's Fears as he plans his fires
---|---|---Six: Walking in Johnny's shoes as he torches the Partial Birth clinic
---|---|---Seven: Analyzing the first shooting of an abortionist
---|---|---Eight: History of Christian violence: author condemns prolife violence
---|---|---Nine: Time Machine used to introduce author to Dietrich Bonhoeffer
---|---|---Ten: America wasn't ALWAYS this hostile to heroes
---|---|---Eleven: Media name calling
---|---|---Twelve: Two Nations at war: one, under God
---|---|---Thirteen: Shelley's shooting of late term abortionist's arms
---|---|---Fourteen: Are you "lucky"!
---|---|---Fifteen: False Stupidity Syndrome
---|---|---Sixteen: Justice Department censors any further TBR reports
---|---I do not "advocate" "violence". I justify stopping it.
---|---Pro (innocent) Life Violence: The Debates
---|---The Army of God Answers Its Critics
---|---Answers, Installment #2
---|---HBO Documentary: Soldiers in the Army of God; analysis
---|---Spitz' News Updates
---|---Post natal abortion: are they serious?
---|---Access: stopping the recruitment of doctors for abortion
---|---Henry Hyde, Congressman, floor speech on abortion
---|---Family Research Council professes jealousy over Mike Bray's publicity
---|---The Conviction of Paul Hill
---|---Regina Dinwiddie's Supreme Court brief
---|---Family Petition (can you sign this?)
---Child Abuse
---|---Overhauling Child Abuse Law
---|---Psychology: as "scientific" as the KKK
---|---Supreme Court precedent: psychiatrists incompetent "expert witnesses"
---|---Daubert in the News (Not posted yet)
---|---The World's Peace
---Divorce Kit!
---|---Do-it-yourself Stop-a-divorce kit
---|---Personal Warninng to anyone who dares to divorce!
---|---What can you do when there is nothing you can do?
---|---The Magic Paragraph
---Dave Leach's Political Literature Table
---|---The Miracle Trail Testimonies of a Candidate
---|---Responses to Media Attacks
---|---"Moderate Republicans" and liberal Democrats: just the symptom
---|---Survey: Should Political Fliers be Outlawed?
---|---My Streaming, screaamin' Speech
---|---Letter to Pastors: "Was Washington Right?" Rally
---|---Clinton, Keyes & Me
---|---Clear Choice June 6
---|---Bathroom Humor in the News
---|---Why Phonics is Such a Big Deal
---|---Separation of "Common" and "Sense"
---|---How long have Christians been like this? History of political involvement
---|---What a state legislator could do about sodomy
---|---What Sodomite Civil Rights does
---|---Proposed "Conscience Exemption" from sodomite civil rights
---|---Illegal Opinion
---|---Herb Richards Arrested for Preaching
---|---Sodomite Divorce Rate
---|---Bible Study on Sodomy
---|---If God calls them "sodomites", what should Christians call them?
---|---The Civil Rights Law in Des Moines
---|---Millenial March in Washington for sodomites
---|---How the Des Moines City Council passed it
---The Mob Media
---|---Wreck 'em Basu, Queen of Distortion
---|---Des Moines Register Uncoverage
---|---Editor's Introduction
---|---The Die is Cast
---|---The Last Day
---|---The Gauntlet!
---|---Go Before Us
---|---AOG Rescue Platoon
---God's Plan for Revival (Continued)
---The Plan (What one man can do)
---Testimony of a Secret Agent from Hell
---|---I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked---
---|---Preacher On Trial---
---|---Leaning On the Everlasting Arms---
---|---We Don't Make Much Hay---
---|---Cheatin' Cheats the Cheaters---
---|---Safe in the Womb---
---|---First Lessons at the Family Music Center---
---|---Uncle Ed. "Lips" Cappricio---
---|---Put Those Holidays in an Old Country Song---
---|---Anthrax Statement---
---About Ed.
---Site Index (You're already here)
---|---Church of Your City---
---|---I Wanna Die With You
---|---U Can't Take it With U
---|---Say Look at the Sky
---|---10 Commandments
---What's New on this site
---An Open Forum
---Watering the Family Tree
---|---Reunion Movie
---Telephone Call from Hell






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